One Green Lantern was Canceled, and Another is …Greenlit

The Greg Berlanti Green Lantern series development has been scrapped, and a new series called “Lanterns” is being developed by James Gunn and Peter Safran, the new heads of DC Studios. The previous Green Lantern series was to be based on a space opera, while the new series is described as a “True Detective”-style terrestrial-based investigation. The Green Lantern series was expensive with multiple stories but was eventually reduced to focus on Alan Scott and Guy Gardner. The cast was then scrapped, and a new direction was decided to focus on John Stewart. The new series is seen as a “foundational series” for the main story across film and TV, and the actors who play the Lanterns will also be seen in the movies. The series will allow for the exploration and development of characters, which is not possible in a movie. Gunn and Safran are already talking to actors about the new series, and the show will be a “huge HBO TV-style event”. Berlanti, who was previously involved in the Green Lantern series, has scaled back his DC shows and is unlikely to be involved in the new DC Studios.

Source: THR

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