DC’s Future and Hogwarts Legacy Prep

Join the Geek Freaks as they discuss the results of their Twitter poll, complete the Sorting Hat quiz, and get sorted into their Hogwarts houses. In this latest episode, they’ll also bring you up-to-date with the latest network updates and the hottest entertainment news, including the renewal of The Last of Us, That 90’s Show, and Fox’s Animation Domination, as well as James Gunn’s latest project with DC.

Gamers, don’t miss out on the highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy, set to release on February 10th. Explore a massive open world, choose your house, and become either a good or evil wizard in this single-player adventure. Get ready for 35 hours of the main story, 70 hours of 100%, and exclusive PlayStation dungeons. Take the Wizarding World Quiz and get sorted into your house for exclusive rewards.

Finally, the Geek Freaks will delve into the controversy surrounding the Squid Game Reality Show. Are contestants justified in seeking legal action for unsafe working conditions? And will these complaints actually advertise the show? Tune in to the Geek Freaks Podcast for an in-depth analysis.

Get the latest entertainment news and trends, sorted into your Hogwarts house, and explore the highly anticipated single-player adventure, Hogwarts Legacy, all on the Geek Freaks Podcast.


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