Online Piracy on the Rise

Online piracy has been a persistent issue in the entertainment industry for years, with streaming services and content creators taking steps to combat the illegal distribution of their media. However, a recent report by anti-piracy technology company Muso indicates that piracy rates surged in 2022 amidst rising prices for streaming service subscriptions. The company expects film piracy to surpass pre-pandemic levels sometime in 2023, highlighting the need for the industry to continue to adapt and take action against piracy.

According to Muso’s report, online piracy increased by 18% in 2021. The company noted over 215 billion visits to known piracy websites during the year, with the United States accounting for 13.5 billion visits. TV piracy rates made up the largest share of online piracy traffic at 46%, while publishing came in second at 27.5%. Film piracy trailed far behind at 12.9%, but still saw a significant spike in illegal viewership during 2022.

Muso 2023

Muso attributed the increase in piracy rates to the rising cost of subscription services, with many users seeking out pirated versions of their favorite shows and movies rather than paying for subscriptions. Several of the biggest streaming platforms raised their subscription prices in 2022, contributing to falling registered user numbers. Muso also noted that the prevalence of streaming services led to a rise in unlicensed streaming websites, which further contributed to the surge in piracy rates.

The report highlights the need for the entertainment industry to continue to evolve and take action against piracy. While piracy rates may be driven in part by the cost of subscription services, the industry must find new ways to provide content to users at a reasonable cost while also protecting their intellectual property. Piracy not only hurts the creators of the content, but it also damages the economy and puts users at risk of malicious software and other security threats.

As the entertainment industry continues to evolve, it must find new ways to combat piracy and provide value to users. This may involve finding new ways to distribute content, partnering with streaming services to create new platforms, or using new technology to protect intellectual property. The rise in piracy rates is a challenge for the industry, but it also presents an opportunity for growth and innovation in the years to come.

Sources: Variety Muso

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