Hellboy Returns!

Millennium Media is reviving the Hellboy franchise and is currently in the process of developing a new live-action film. The project is reportedly far into development, as it has already been written and has a director attached. Brian Taylor, who co-directed Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, has been chosen to direct the new Hellboy film.

The current working title for the reboot is Hellboy: The Crooked Man, although it is unclear if this will be the official title and if the film will be based on the storyline of the same name. The miniseries follows Hellboy in 1956, as he encounters a man named Tom, who had sold his soul to a demon. Together, they travel back to the Appalachian mountains to confront the demon and try to save Tom’s soul.

While the plot details of the new film are currently under wraps, it is expected to feature more recognizable characters and monsters from the Hellboy universe. The previous reboot, released in 2019, left out key characters from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (B.P.R.D.), which is likely to be rectified in this new iteration.

It is also expected to be another reboot, which means that neither Ron Perlman nor David Harbour will be reprising the role of Hellboy. Harbour, who starred in the 2019 reboot, is currently busy with other projects, including Stranger Things Season 5 and Marvel Studios’ Thunderbolts.

Furthermore, the new Hellboy film currently has no distributor attached, although it is expected that Millennium Media will look towards selling the project to a streaming service. Netflix, Amazon, and Peacock are among the potential contenders to distribute the film.

The previous Hellboy film, which starred David Harbour as the titular character, was a critical and financial failure. It earned $55 million at the worldwide box office on a production budget of $50 million. Despite the lackluster performance, Millennium Media is keen to give the franchise another shot.

Fans of the Hellboy franchise can expect to hear more details about the new film in the coming weeks as it gears up for a potential April production start. While there is no certainty that the new film will succeed where the previous one failed, the presence of experienced comic book property developers like Brian Taylor gives some hope that the reboot will be more successful.

Source: Discussing Films

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