Interview with Actor Josh Leese

In this episode of Geek Freaks, we have a fascinating conversation with actor Josh Leese about his impressive acting career, including his roles in Hulu’s Extraordinary and HBO’s Chernobyl. Leese shares his experience of working on Chernobyl and how he prepared for his role. We also discuss Leese’s recent work in the comedy series, Extraordinary. He shares his experience playing the role of PDF Man, a less than super-hero. Leese explains how he prepared for the role and what it was like to work with the talented cast and crew. Leese also talks about his passion for comic books and geek culture. He shares his thoughts on his first comic cons and cons in the UK.  Whether you’re a fan of Chernobyl, Extraordinary, or just love hearing from talented actors, this episode of Geek Freaks is a must-listen. Tune in to hear Josh Leese’s insights on acting, the entertainment industry, and geekdom.

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