SPOTLIGHT: Den of Geek’s “Marvel Director Compares Fantastic Four to Star Trek”

Today we are highlighting a must-read article by Den of Geek’s Joe George. Please read the full article but here are some of the highlights we’ll be discussing on the Geek Freaks Podcast

The article discusses the similarities between the Fantastic Four and the crew of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. Both teams were created in the 1960s and represent the Kennedy-era optimism about humanity’s potential for progress. While the original Enterprise crew has not had much attention recently, they continue to appear in the Strange New Worlds series. The Fantastic Four are also making a comeback with a new comic series and a movie planned as part of the Marvel franchise’s Phase Six. Matt Shakman, who directed WandaVision, will direct the upcoming Fantastic Four movie and was previously set to direct the fourth Star Trek Kelvin Universe movie. He sees similarities between the two franchises in their sense of optimism, exploration, and the idea of coming together as a family. Despite their sometimes-cynical viewpoints, both franchises always return to their central themes. The article concludes that there is always room for new stories about these classic teams.

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