The Last of Us, TikTok Ban, and Star Trek’s Future

Welcome to this edition of Geek Freaks, where we explore the latest in pop culture, superheroes, and gaming. Our show begins with an engaging intro segment, where we asked our Twitter followers to share their favorite superhero and why. Tune in to hear some fascinating responses.

We’re also excited to announce that Geek Freaks is bringing you the Sacramento Mario Kart Grand Prix on April 15th. Follow the link in the description to register and take part in this thrilling event.

Next up, we have our news segment, where we’ll offer our spoiler-free opinions on Shazam 2, and we’ll also discuss some quickies such as the cancellation of Willow after just one season, the new Lord of the Rings Magic cards, and the delay of the Hitman games. Additionally, we’ll be sharing our thoughts on the ongoing Diablo 4 Beta, including KFC’s promotion to win random game codes.

We’ve got a lot more exciting news, as Zack Snyder has teased a three-day event in late April with Darkseid. Do we need more DCEU content? What could it be, and what do we want it to be? Also, Ben Affleck has stated that he won’t be directing a Batman movie, but he thinks that Flash is his best work.

We’ll touch upon the recent concerns surrounding TikTok potentially being banned in the US and explore its pros and cons over the years. We’ll also share what TikTokers are saying and look at some alternatives.

Moving on to Star Trek news, we’ll examine Discovery’s impact and our desires for the series’ future. We’ll also challenge our co-host, Thomas, to watch a Star Trek episode chosen by Jonathan and Frank.

In our review of The Last of Us Season 1, we’ll dive into the story without spoilers and talk about how the second game will be covered in seasons 2 and 3. We’ll also discuss Naughty Dog’s plans for the third game and debate whether Joel was right or wrong.

Lastly, we’ll share updates on the latest network news, including our upcoming Disney Moms interview, Challenge Accepted’s next movie, Dark Knight Rises, the Outlast Podcast, and Next Level Up’s coverage of the OG Resident Evil 4. We’ll then close out the show with our recommendations for the week. Tune in and geek out with us!

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