Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jon Spaihts to pen Netflix’s “Gears of War” adaptation

Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Jon Spaihts has joined Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the popular video game “Gears of War,” marking another attempt to bring the franchise to the big screen. Spaihts, who is best known for his work on “Dune” and “Doctor Strange,” will adapt one of gaming’s richest and most acclaimed video game sagas with over 40 million copies sold. The “Gears of War” franchise centers on a society divided and on the brink of collapse, facing total extinction by the monstrous Locust alien race. The ragtag Delta Squad, led by disgraced sergeant Marcus Fenix, is charged with leading humanity’s last stand.

Netflix’s partnership with The Coalition aims to first adapt the game into a live-action feature film, followed by an adult animated series, with the potential for more stories to follow. Spaihts is a master storyteller with a talent for creating epic, science-fiction universes, and he truly loves “Gears of War,” according to The Coalition.

Previous attempts to adapt the game have been unsuccessful. Universal hired F. Scott Frazier to write an adaptation in 2018, but no other moves were made on that project. With Netflix’s hiring of Spaihts, “Gears of War” fans have much to look forward to given the screenwriter’s wealth of experience adapting major genre IP.

Source: Variety

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