Donald Glover Confirms Return for Community Movie Despite Busy Schedule

Donald Glover has confirmed his return to the upcoming Community movie, despite his busy schedule. The actor, who found success in a rap career, stand-up comedy, films, and his hit show Atlanta, will be reuniting with his former classmates for the film. Glover revealed that they are supposed to start shooting soon, but he hasn’t seen a script yet, adding that he knows just as much about the project as the fans do.

The Community sitcom, which had a rocky production history, was able to get six seasons, partly due to streaming on Yahoo and now the movie is being produced by Peacock. Joel McHale, who is also returning, got emotional during the table read, and thanked Peacock for giving them the green light. While the movie’s progress has been announced, it may still take some time before it hits Peacock.

The Community movie is highly anticipated by fans of the cult classic sitcom, and the news of Glover’s return will be exciting for his fans as well.

Source: ScreenRant

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