EA Sports Unveils New Logo for FIFA Successor, EA Sports FC

Electronic Arts (EA) has recently revealed the logo for EA Sports FC, the newly rebranded series that is set to continue the legacy of the FIFA franchise’s success dating back to the ’90s. At first glance, the logo looks quite pointy, with sharp angles that resemble a racing brand more than a soccer game. However, EA has explained that the design inspiration for the logo came directly from the beautiful game, with the triangle being a dominant shape in football culture that represents the sport in multiple dimensions.

The triangle shape has been woven into the DNA of EA SPORTS football experiences for decades, from the isometric angles of their very first 8-bit games to the triangular polygons that make up every pixel of their most modern games. The iconic player indicator symbol that appears above every athlete in every match also features the triangle shape.

The rebranding comes a year after the end of EA’s multi-decade partnership with FIFA, which had been the name of the series for many years. Despite the name change, EA Sports FC will retain the partnerships that have been its calling card, including a deal with the Premier League worth £488 million.

Little else is known about EA Sports FC, but it is unlikely to deviate significantly from the franchise’s moneymaking formula, which has been perfected over the years. EA has promised a full reveal of the game in July, and the final release is expected to be available on PC and major consoles sometime in September.

Source: IGN, EA

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