Super Mario Bros. Movie Shatters Box Office Records with $377 Million Global Debut

The highly-anticipated animated adventure film based on the iconic video game franchise has exceeded all box office expectations, grossing $204.6 million in the domestic market and $377 million globally during its debut weekend over Easter. The movie’s unprecedented success has outperformed recent releases in Universal’s largest franchises, paving the way for a sequel to be announced soon. Despite mixed reviews from critics, the PG-rated film has resonated with audiences of all ages and genders, who have grown up with the beloved characters of Mario, Luigi, and their friends in the Mushroom Kingdom. Thanks to positive word-of-mouth and nostalgia, the movie has become a top choice for families and expanded its appeal to wider audiences. With its impressive opening weekend performance, the film has already broken several box office records and is expected to be the first movie of the year to reach $1 billion globally.

Source: Variety

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