Interview with Buluk Mayan Warfare Game Developer, Traevon Taylor

Welcome to today’s episode of the Geek Freaks! Today, we are joined by Traevon Taylor, the creator of the game Bulak Mayan Warfare. Traevon takes us on a thrilling hack n slash journey through the Aztec and Mayan world, where players wield the power of sword and magic against their enemies.

With four unique weapon styles to master and an array of spells to research, players have a range of combat options at their disposal. Traevon explains that Buluk Mayan Warfare is an Aztec/Mayan themed game where players must use their skills to defend their tribes from foreign invaders and other warring factions.

As Traevon describes it, the year is 1521, and the Mayan world stands on the brink of collapse. Peace between the Yucatan tribes continues to fracture, while foreign invaders lay siege to the Aztec Empire. Tensions between the Tutul Xiu of Uxmal and the Cocom tribe of Tulum have escalated into all-out war. Only a lone hero stands between them and destruction.

Traevon tells us about the challenges he faced when creating Buluk Mayan Warfare, including researching and accurately representing the culture and history of the Aztec and Mayan world. He also shares his experience working with a team to create the game and the importance of each team member’s contribution.

So, whether you’re a fan of hack n slash games, history, or just curious about the gaming industry, tune in to this episode of the Gaming Insider Podcast to hear Traevon Taylor’s story and learn more about Buluk Mayan Warfare.

Buluk on Steam

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