James Gunn Shares First Look at Script for DC Universe’s Superman: Legacy

James Gunn has shared an update on the progress of his upcoming DC Universe film, Superman: Legacy, to celebrate Superman’s Anniversary. The writer-director took to Twitter to share the first look at his script for the movie, which marks the DC Universe’s first blockbuster. While details about the narrative and casting are still scarce, Gunn has confirmed that DC Studios has not yet found an actor to play Clark Kent, but the performer must be able to play a younger version of the Kryptonian. Fans have expressed concerns that Gunn’s irreverent style may not capture the essence of Clark Kent, but he has promised that Superman: Legacy will be markedly different from his other superhero projects and will not be an origin story. The film will focus on Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. With Gunn’s track record of creating beloved superhero films, fans eagerly await the release of Superman: Legacy.

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