Niantic and Capcom Team Up for Monster Hunter Now, a Real-World Action RPG Mobile Game

Niantic and Capcom Announce “Monster Hunter Now”: A Real-World Action RPG Mobile Game

Get ready to take on iconic monsters like the Rathalos and Great Jagras in the real world as Pokemon Go developer Niantic and Capcom team up to release Monster Hunter Now. This real-world action RPG mobile game, set to launch in September 2023 on iOS and Android devices, will allow you and your friends to battle monsters with your favorite weapons as you walk around your neighborhood.

The game will be accessible to newcomers and veterans alike, with a closed beta set to begin on April 25. Players can register for the beta on and will be able to battle monsters with the Sword and Shield, Great Sword, and Light Bowgun.

Similar to Pokemon Go, Monster Hunter Now will have players encountering monsters as they walk around in the real world. However, battles take place as an action RPG that is reminiscent of the console version. Players will be able to use taps and flicks to take down massive monsters with their favorite weapons, and up to four friends can join in on the fun.

The battles themselves will last up to 75 seconds and aim to be as fun and chaotic as traditional Monster Hunter battles. Players can choose to battle in vertical or landscape modes and rewards from battles will be resources and monster parts that will let players create and upgrade gear.

Monster Hunter Now will also feature your Palico companion and the Paintball mechanic. The Palico, cat-like creatures, will accompany each player on their adventures and will be able to utilize the Paintball mechanic to tag a monster so that you can finish the battle later on.

In addition, Palicos will hunt monsters even when you’re not playing the game and will tag them with Paintballs so you can challenge them later. The game will encourage players to get out and walk around their hometowns, and monsters will spawn around Wayspots/landmarks, which will offer players resources when found.

Monster Hunter Now will be a free-to-play game with items to purchase at an additional cost, promising a “good balance” between the free and enhanced experience. The game has been in development for four years and is set to offer a new and exciting way to experience the world of Monster Hunter.

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