Paramount+ Developing ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series

Fans of the cult classic comedy film “Galaxy Quest” have reason to rejoice, as Paramount+ and Paramount Television Studios are reportedly in the early stages of developing a television show based on the film. While details are scant, Mark Johnson, who produced the original movie, is already attached as an executive producer.

This isn’t the first time “Galaxy Quest” has been eyed for a TV adaptation. Amazon previously attempted to bring the show to life, with plans to reunite the film’s original cast. However, the project was ultimately shelved following the death of Alan Rickman, who starred in the film. Since then, several writers have been attached to the project, but none of their versions have been given the green light.

Released in 1999, “Galaxy Quest” was a comedic parody of sci-fi franchises like “Star Trek.” It followed the cast of a cult classic show who are recruited by aliens to assist in a real interstellar conflict after the extraterrestrials mistake their TV show for a historical document.

While the film was financially successful and well-received by critics upon its release, it has since garnered a significant following among fans. In fact, “Star Trek” fans even voted it as one of the best “Star Trek” films of all time in 2013.

As for the upcoming series, it remains to be seen whether it will feature any of the original cast members or whether it will take the story in a new direction. But for fans of the beloved film, the prospect of revisiting the world of “Galaxy Quest” on their TV screens is an exciting one.

Source: Variety

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