Geek Freaks Podcast: Exciting News on Star Trek Phase 2, MGM Remakes, and WB’s HBO Max Relaunch

Welcome to this week’s episode of Geek Freaks! In our intro segment, we’ll be discussing some big news, including the upcoming Star Trek Phase 2, as well as addressing some rumors about Amazon remaking some MGM hits and WB relaunching HBO Max. And don’t forget to stay tuned for our question of the week: Who is your favorite video game villain and why? Let us know on Twitter!

In our Quickies segment, we’ll be covering some smaller news items, including the announcement of a Lord of the Flies mini-series from the BBC, the release date for Netflix’s Lupin part 3, Juno Temple joining the cast of Venom 3, and the beginning of filming for the Knuckle series on Paramount+ starring Idris Alba.

Moving on to our News segment, we’ll be reviewing the latest season of The Mandalorian and the finale of Picard. We’ll also be discussing some exciting news about upcoming Star Trek projects, including the potential for a Phase 2 and Section 31 movie, as well as a new Galaxy Quest series on Paramount+. And of course, we can’t forget about the latest rumors, including Adam Driver’s potential casting as Reed Richards, Pedro Pascal’s supposed unmasking during the Mando finale, and the possibility of John Boyega returning for Rey’s Star Wars movie.

In other news, MGM and Amazon are teaming up to remake some big IPs, including Stargate, Barbershop, Magnificent Seven, Legally Blond, and RoboCop. We’ll be discussing which of these remakes we’re most excited about and what we hope to see from them.

Finally, in our Network segment, we’ll be discussing the latest developments in the gaming world, including the Who’s Got Next Game and the New Level Up program. And as always, we’ll be wrapping things up with our Recommendations segment, where we’ll be sharing our top picks for what to watch, read, and play this week. Thanks for tuning in to Geek Freaks!

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