Ted Lasso – Believe!

Welcome to “Challenge Accepted,” the podcast where we dive deep into the latest and greatest TV shows and movies, and challenge ourselves to analyze and critique them like never before. In this episode, we’re taking on the latest two episodes of the beloved Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. Season 2, episodes 6 and 7 of Ted Lasso bring us even more of the charming, heartwarming, and hilarious antics we’ve come to love from the show. From Ted’s continued struggles with his mental health, to the team’s triumphs and setbacks on the field, there’s never a dull moment in this show. Join us as we discuss the standout performances from the cast, the themes of friendship and community, and the overall direction of the season so far. We’ll dive into the subtle nods to previous episodes and discuss the new characters introduced in these episodes. As always, we’ll bring our unique perspectives and opinions to the table and challenge each other to think critically about the show. So, get ready to join the conversation and see if our panelists accept the challenge of discussing these two episodes of Ted Lasso!

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