Xbox Launches New PC Game Pass Referral Program to Gift Free Trials to Friends

Xbox has announced a new PC Game Pass referral program that allows existing subscribers to gift a free trial of the subscription service to a friend. This new program is available to every Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass holder, who can send a total of five friend referrals by clicking the “Give PC Game Pass” button located on the Game Pass home screen menu. Each trial can be redeemed to grant access to a 14-day PC Game Pass trial, as long as the target of the generosity is new to the service.

The program has been launched to coincide with the release of Arkane’s first-person action horror shooter, Redfall, which was released on Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC. Beyond Redfall, the trial unlocks all of the content usually contained in the PC Game Pass service, including hundreds of games from a range of genres. The trial also provides access to all the titles included in an EA Play membership, along with any new first-party Xbox Studio games launching onto the service during the trial period.

This new program is welcome news to gamers hoping to try out Game Pass on PC, especially since Microsoft recently ended a promotion that offered a one-month trial of the subscription service for $1. The new friend referral system provides an opportunity to try the service for free.

The new referral system is ideal for Redfall’s co-op nature, but the game has had some significant problems out of the gate. Reviews have highlighted a number of display issues and bugs, which, combined with a degree of “vanilla” mission design and a “lifeless world,” left some critics feeling underwhelmed with the game. Despite this, Xbox has a number of other titles lined up for release on Game Pass in the coming months, including Ravenlok, Weird West, Shadowrun Trilogy, and Fuga: Melodies of Steel 2.

Overall, the new PC Game Pass referral program provides an excellent opportunity for existing subscribers to introduce their friends to the world of Game Pass, and for new subscribers to try out the service for free. While Redfall may have had a rocky start, there are plenty of other exciting titles available on the service to keep gamers entertained.

Source: IGN

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