WGA Strike: Writers Organize Picket Lines to Target Filming Locations

As the Writers Guild of America (WGA) continues its strike against Hollywood studios, a small team of picketers is reportedly targeting specific filming locations in Los Angeles. These efforts aim to shut down productions and put pressure on studios to come back to the negotiating table. The picketers, with two people holding signs, are causing disruptions and causing other unions to refuse to cross the picket line. The hope is that these efforts will inspire others outside of LA and New York to do the same when they spot television and movie locations. The WGA is also encouraging people to send in tips if they see a location pop up. By targeting specific locations, the WGA is hoping to send a message to the studios that they are essential to the production and must be included in negotiations.

We hear the team has managed to stop production on series such as Disney+’s Marvel drama Wonder Man and Apple’s Maya Rudolph-fronted dramedy Loot.


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