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Geek Freaks

Geek Freaks is a podcast station where geeks unite to discuss the latest in geek culture. There are different shows on the Geek Freaks feed including Geek Freaks News, Level Up, Push to Talk, Trek Freaks, Pushing Buttons, and Sloop. Special events like announcement reactions and convention coverage are available as soon as possible. Geek Freaks has additional shows on the horizon for YouTube, Patreon, and your favorite podcast platform.

  • Geek Freaks News goes over the big stories in comic books, video games, movies, and tv.
  • Level Up is a monthly series that dives into industry-changing games. The discussion analyses the story, gameplay, and design of each iconic title.
  • Push to Talk is an interview series with comic creators, game developers, and more.
  • Trek Freaks ventures through the Star Trek franchise, looking for creator Gene Roddenberry’s message.
  • Pushing Buttons have two friends discussing in length a topic from the world of gaming.
  • Sloop is our Patreon exclusive series covering the latest films and hottest series.

Frank Lourence – Host & Producer

Frank Lourence at BlizzCon 2019

Frank is the co-host of Geek Freaks News and Level Up; and host of Sloop. He loves podcasting because he gets to research his favorite things and share them with others.

In his free time, Frank plays video games while chatting with friends in Discord. He also likes binging Netflix and Hulu. He is an avid podcast listener, suggesting The Dollop, My Favorite Murder, and Small Beans.

  • Favorites
    • Game – World of Warcraft
    • Comic – Flash, Flashpoint
    • Show – The Simpsons
    • Movie – Shawshank Redemption
    • Book – A Song of Ice and Fire

Eddie ‘Squeaks’ Martin – Host

Eddie “Squeaks” Martin

Squeaks is a co-host on Geek Freaks News and host of Push to Talk. He is a father to Kairi (named after Kingdom Hearts) and husband to Sarah. He works as an airman for the US Air Force.

In his free time, Squeaks is either gaming on his PC or PlayStation or headed to Disneyland. He often reads comics and novels, making him a great source for suggestions.

  • Favorites
    • Game – Kingdom Hearts
    • Comic – Spawn
    • Show – Attack on Titan
    • Movie -Romeo + Juliet by Baz Luhrann
    • Book – Harry Potter

Jonathan Lourence – Host

Jonathan Lourence

Jon is co-host of Geek Freaks News and is the Geek Freaks’ Convention Reporter. He and his wife Susy just welcomed their new baby, Marko (named after the Saga comic).

You can find Jon at your local Comic or Video Game Conventions. He is also on top of the latest binge worthy shows, usually bringing in a grade on the next big hit.

  • Favorites
    • Game -Minecraft
    • Comic – Saga
    • Show – Star Trek Voyager
    • Movie – Ready Player One
    • Book – Ready Player Two

Daniel Amaral – Host

Daniel Amaral

Daniel is the hard core gamer and anime watcher of the group. He is on top of the eSports scene and the latest in gaming reveals. Making him vital to the Geek Freaks News show.

Daniel is usually play Call of Duty or World of Warcraft with his friends. He also enjoys restoring his pickup during his downtime.

  • Favorites
    • Game – Final Fantasy 10
    • Comic – Batman Beyond
    • Show – Naruto, Seinfeld
    • Movie – Rocky 4
    • Book – Island of the Blue Dolphin

Kevin Conner – Host

Kevin Conner

Kevin is a lover of video games, science fiction, and discussion of both. Growing up with video games, he has a passion for retro-inspired games, but will play the occasional AAA release.

In his spare time, Kevin likes to binge TV shows with his wife, play with his dog, and watch Twitch streams. Though loves to strongly express his opinions, Kevin is, at his core, an introvert that loves staying at home.

  • Favorites:
    • Game – The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    • Comic – Sin City
    • Show – Star Trek: Deep Space 9
    • Movie – Goodfellas
    • Book – Star Wars: Heir to the Empire

Kyle Doelan – Host

Kyle Doelan

Kyle co-hosts the revival of the Pushing Buttons Podcast. He recently got married during the early days of the pandemic. Kyle and his wife Emma enjoy everything geek-freaks alongside one another.

Kyle is a die-hard gamer with experience playing a multitude of games. A completionist at heart, Kyle doesn’t cease until he achieves every goal he sets his mind to.

  • Favorites:
    • Game – Bloodborne
    • Comic – Watchmen
    • Show – Stargate SG-1
    • Movie – The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    • Book – The Hobbit