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Geek Freaks

Geek Freaks is a podcast with four friends discussing the latest in geek culture. There are different shows on the Geek Freaks feed including News of the Week, Level Up, Push to Talk, and more future projects. News of the Week goes over the big stories in comic books, video games, movies, and tv. Level Up is a monthly series that dives into industry-changing games. The discussion analyses the story, gameplay, and design of each iconic title. Push to Talk is hosted by Eddie “Squeaks” Martin. Squeaks chats with rotating guests about geek-favorite topics or interviews writers and developers. Special events like announcement reactions and convention coverage are available as soon as possible. Geek Freaks has additional shows on the horizon for YouTube, Patreon, and your favorite podcast platform.

Frank Lourence – Host & Producer

Frank Lourence at BlizzCon 2019

Frank is the co-host of News of the Week and Level Up; and host of Sloop. He loves podcasting because he gets to research his favorite things and share them with others.

In his free time, Frank plays video games while chatting with friends in Discord. He also likes binging Netflix and Hulu. He is an avid podcast listener, suggesting The Dollop, My Favorite Murder, and Small Beans. When possible, Frank loves camping and fishing or heading to Disneyland.

  • Favorites
    • Game – World of Warcraft
    • Comic – Flash, Flashpoint
    • Show – The Simpsons
    • Movie – Shawshank Redemption
    • Book – A Song of Ice and Fire

Eddie ‘Squeaks’ Martin – Host

Squeaks is a co-host on News of the Week and host of Push to Talk.