Snow White

Diana, Sarah, and Susan are talking about the first full-length Disney cartoon, Snow White. Does this history-making movie hold up? 

11. Battle Royale

As we head to the last few episodes, we see the castaways plan out their final three. The targets from here on out are the heavy hitters with great resumes. Who’s out this week?

The Apple TOS S2E5

Kevin and Jon are back to discuss Star Trek’s “The Apple.” They compare the familiar story points to similar Star Trek episodes and how the episode could be improved.

Inside Out

The Disney Moms are checking out Pixar’s Inside Out. They discuss how this film addresses mental health and how it can be improved. 

Quickfire Reviews Part 1

This week the team is speeding through an array of games. They take turns challenging the other to a 2-minute review of a classic game. What game should they add to the next quickfire?

Thor and the Lich King

We are talking about Thor: Love and Thunder following the new trailer. We’ll discuss the new expansion to World of Warcraft. And predict what’s next for Stranger Things. 

Mirror, Mirror TOS S2E4

On the latest Trek Freaks, we are joined by the wonder Carol Pinchefsky! Join us as we chat about one of the most popular Star Trek episodes ever, “Mirror, Mirror.”

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