Messy Marvel and Top 5 Classic Horror

We are going over the She-Hulk season. Jonathan has some problems with shattering fourth walls and the effect on the MCU. Deadpool will bring in Wolverine, but how? We have some wild ideas that could mean the death of ALL X-Men! The long-awaited Spawn movie finds its writers…finally. Lastly, we are creating a Top 5... Continue Reading →

Melissa Flores of The Dead Lucky Interview

 I'm joined by The Dead Lucky's Melissa Flores! We're talking about the new Massiverse from Image Comics and her latest series, The Dead Lucky. From creating a fresh character in a relatable world to building a new universe that spans comics like Radiant Black and Rogue Sun. Melissa Flores shares her story as a creator... Continue Reading →

A Private Little War – Star Trek ToS S2E19

Kevin and Jon are discussing the controversial "A Private Little War." Captain Kirk makes the questionable choice to arm a group to even the balance of the war. This episode reflects the times and the Vietnam War.  Synopsis: Kirk's reunion with an old friend on the planet Neural is overshadowed by a threat from the... Continue Reading →

Power Rangers and Grand Theft Auto

Andor's first three episodes were released this week. This spy thriller shows viewers the darker corners of the Star Wars galaxy.  A recent Power Rangers leak reveals Netflix's plans to build a new cinematic universe out of the iconic franchise. Rockstar also had a significant leak, showing unfinished footage of GTA 6. The gaming world... Continue Reading →

GTA 6 Leak and Rockstar’s Response

Rockstar suffered a major hack and a lot of GTA 6 was leaked. Hacker Teapot, who recently hacked Uber, breached Rockstar and stole the source code for GTA 5 and 6 plus over 3GB of internal footage from GTA 6.The newest installment of Grand Theft Auto has been in the works for roughly 10 years... Continue Reading →

Constantine is back!

Constantine has been resurrected! DC is uniting Keanu Reeves and director Francis Lawrence to develop a sequel to 2005's Constantine. Akiva Goldsman will be writing the new film. He produced Constantine and recently worked on the many Paramount Plus Star Trek series. Keanu Reeves will reprise his role as John Constine. A warlock, detective, and... Continue Reading →

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