Myth of Empires Review

So I’ve played several survival builder games like Ark, Conan Exiles, and Life is Feudal, just to name a few. It’s one of my favorite genres to play around in, and the recent shutdown of the Life is Feudal: The MMO servers has left a niche community without a game to dump hours into. So... Continue Reading →

Razer is Cutting Edge at E3

Initially founded in 1998, Razer Inc. is a well-known name among PC gamers. Recognized chiefly for their cutting-edge line of gaming mice, the company has looked for ways to diversify its brand in recent years. Whether it’s smartphones, digital wallets, or top-of-the-line monitors, Razer is not content to simply be known as the company that... Continue Reading →

GuliKit – Indie Spotlight

When events like E3 come around, we tend to focus on the big announcements. Whether it’s new information about a favorite franchise (Elder Scrolls 6 when?) or a fresh idea from a promising indie developer, these expos are about the games. A big part of gaming often forgotten after being dazzled by the latest trailer... Continue Reading →

Road to E3 Part 3: The Ugly

Next in our Road to E3 2021 is the ugly side of gaming. This year we've seen big companies come under fire for sexual harassment. We had a major name in eSports banned for allegations of misconduct. One of the most beloved gaming companies stumble and struggle to find its footing. Beyond just the games... Continue Reading →

Road to E3 Part 2

Our journey to E3 next stops at the downside of the year in gaming. While video games helped unite quarantined people, developers struggled while working from home. Delays, bugs, and failed launches became the standard. 2020 changed the gaming industry landscape forever. Unfortunately, there were many disappointments during the past year as well. The highly... Continue Reading →

Road to E3 Part 1

It’s that time of year again. School’s out, the summer heat is here, and the beaches are packed. For those of us who prefer to stay inside, E3 is finally here. This year, the industry’s largest gaming expo has more attention than ever. With 2020’s event canceled and this one being a solely online experience,... Continue Reading →

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