Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories Review

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memories is a rhythm game that will take you through prior releases in the KH world. This is the first time that a game like this has been done in the series. The demo was just released for people to enjoy, and already you can find videos of levels being masters on the highest difficulty there is. Now with my pleasure, I write to you to bring you a quick review of the demo presented to us as well as what we can expect from the game on the release date. The people that know me, know that I hold this series very close to my heart. I laugh, cry, and cheer for all the characters, and I feel for each one of them. As I mentioned before it is my pleasure (even if I don’t like the game *cough*Kingdom Hearts 3*cough*) to review this demo so let’s begin.


Now, this is purely a quick rundown of the demo and what I think we may expect from the game. From playing the demo you go through a retelling of Kingdom Hearts 1 to 3. The game will continue the story of Kairi right after Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind, which is the DLC that was released early this year. We will explore more of Kairi’s childhood. This is awesome since she does not always have a huge presence in the game meaning it will be great to get some insight about her struggles that she may have experienced. As always with this huge story plot in Kingdom Hearts I am always interested to experience some more added story….. but when will it stop. We don’t know much more than this, but I believe we will get some hints to what is to come in the world of Kingdom Hearts


As I mentioned prior that this is Kingdom Hearts’ first rhythm game. You start with a tutorial to learn the button layout of course. It is not too hard to understand the game. There are three buttons that you will use often to give Sora, Donald, and Goofy the ability to attack. There are also options to jump as well. Some characters come at you at times when the background music hits a certain beat. I found this entertaining, but it was when you turn up the difficulty a little is when things start to become more of an excitement. There would be loads of heartless lined up for you to lay down some serious quick button mashing. I didn’t think I would have this much fun playing a rhythm game. When the game is officially released you will fight alongside the respected character for that world. For example when in Agrabah you will fight alongside Aladdin. I am looking forward to getting my hands on this vast world to explore.

Final Opinion

Now in my quick opinion of the demo. I thought it was entertaining. Does not give you much, but a few songs to play. No little glimpse of the story or anything more, and unfortunately you get no original songs from Disney. Just songs that were made for the game itself from the spread of each one installment. Even seeing that this is not your typical Kingdom Hearts I believe it is something to pick up for that expansion of the story.

Overwatch Pros Find New Homes

Sinatraa with the San Fransisco Shock

Waking up this morning to see that many people are upset today with the Overwatch League. Yesterday we found out that Sinatraa (from San Francisco Shock) is retiring from the Overwatch League. Come to find out he is retiring to play Valorant for the Sentinels. Valorant’s closed beta has sparked many players’ interest. Making other pro Overwatch players wanting to crossover. I say this because on twitter we see multiple Overwatch players put “former” or “ex” in their bio. The list of players as of now are Gladiators’ eMill, Eternal’s George Gushcha, and Fuel’s Taimou. They all seem to have broken the news around the same time. One may have mentioned that everyone wants out, but I cannot confirm if that is true, also who is to say he speaks for everyone. Many pros seem to complain about Blizzard’s balance issues and how quickly they respond. They praise Valorant and the plans Riot has for competitive play. Many have mentioned that they no longer enjoy Overwatch. I think this is something that will always occur in the future. How long can one person play the same game for many years when across the street is a shiny new toy that catches the player’s attention. I don’t think this will stop here at Overwatch. I think we will see many players from other leagues making switches as well. Also, with Overwatch 2 being developed can we see the same pro players come back. Would a team accept them back? Who knows, let’s just hope the Overwatch league can continue its success it has received so far.

PS5 Controller Revealed

FINALLY! We get to see something that is physical from Sony and the PS5. They have displayed what the PS5 controller will look like with some details on how it will feel. So far it seems that Sony has kept all aspects of what we loved about the PS4 controller and amplified with added features. Let’s dive into what this 2099 controller will have.

Sony wants players to feel more of your senses and interact with the worlds you will journey to. The controller will feature DualSense as well as PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech. Sony has given game creators the ability to highlight the immersion that a player can feel by using all capabilities from the PS5 controller and how can games make you feel more immures by using touch and sound. Sony states that they want you to feel “driving a car through mud” or “feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow.”

Now for some exterior information. The controller will feel smaller than it really looks by placing the triggers and making some updates to the grip. They also considered they can make a stronger rechargeable battery while keeping the controller as light as possible. The share button is coming back, but will now be called the “Create” button. They spoke little of how it works and followed up with more to come. With DualSenses they have added a built in Microphone that you can chat with other players. Perfect for when you have someone joining your party while trying to hook up their headset then you start yelling “can you hear me!”. Yes, now you can give others a heads up while connecting to a party. Awesome little feature, but still plan on buying a headset. With the light bar being placed on top is a great idea from the bottom like the PS4. There are many times in games that the light bar would change colors, but you have no idea because you can’t see it of course. This will make the color stand out way more with that two-tone design. 

Yes! That two-tone design. Different than any controller that we seem releasing with the console. This gets me thinking of all the different two-tone colors they can produce and sell. My wallet is ready for whatever is to come. Sony has stated with the controller being tested by many people with all kinds of different shapes of hands that they believe that they have achieved a great comfort level with great ergonomics. Making the controller feel as an extension to yourself. I personally like the controller for the fact that it gives me this Tron feeling and really does look like something far into the future.  

New DLC Coming to Ultimate Alliance 3

1We are getting another DLC for Ultimate Alliance 3 coming March 26th. This will be the final content for Ultimate Alliance and will feature a Fantastic Four theme adding Mister Fantastic, The Thing, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, and Doctor Doom. There will be a story attached to the DLC as the Fantastic Four team up with the rest of the alliance to take down Doctor Doom. To gain access to this DLC you will have to purchase the expansion pass for $19.99. The pass will include two of the previous DLC packs featuring the Marvel Knights themed with characters including Punisher, Moon Knight, Morbius, and Blade. The second themed DLC is X-Men, with

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characters attached like Phoenix, Gambit, Ice Man, and Cable. When logging onto your game it may seem that you have this and don’t remember purchasing, but the reason behind this is that the game will give you a preview of what each DLC looks like. Once purchased, you will unlock all the content as well as unlocking new characters in each theme pack. I have dived back into Ultimate Alliance 3 and I’m loving it like I did on day one. I appreciate the grind that it continues to give players to creating a high replay value. I am very excited to see what will come with Fantastic Four since the reboot and having Disney involved.

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