The Trouble with Tribbles ToS S2E15

*This episode was recorded prior to the passes on Nichelle Nichols. Our following episode will be dedicated to her legacy and impact on us. Hey all! Frank joins Jonathan to talk about one of the funniest episodes of Star Trek. Are tribbles expensive? Did Klingons fear their new fury league? Was the crew enjoying the… Continue Reading →

New Avengers and Batfleck

Hey all! We are building our dream Avengers team out of the remaining MCU heroes. We also review the new Steam Deck, discuss Marvel and DC’s future plans, and Tomb Raider’s demise. 

Wolf in the Fold ToS S2E14

This week Jon is joined by Susan of Disney Moms Gone Wrong. They have a ton of fun covering a questionable Star Trek episode. Come along for the ride!


Hey all! The Moms are headed to Radiator Springs and discussing the potholes in “Cars.”

SDCC Predictions and Zombies

We are predicting what will be revealed at SDCC 2022, from realistic to outlandish. We also talk about BMW’s new microtransaction cars and Resident Evil on Netflix. Come hang out!

Summer Brawl Part 4 – Season 2 Finale!

Hey all! We come to the conclusion of our Summer Brawl! The ultimate showdown between the best hero and villain. This is also the season 2 finale for Pushing Buttons. Hope you enjoyed the season and we’ll be back SOON!

Homelander and Vecna

Squeaks and Frank are talking about Stranger Things, The Boys, and Thor. We also discuss leaked Namor images, Duffer Brothers’ new studio, and E3’s return!

Obsession ToS S2E13

Hey all! Squeaks comes aboard for a new Trek Freaks! The loss of a couple of redshirts has Kirk’s judgment come into question. Is he seeking justice…or vengeance.


Hey all! Sarah, Susan, and Diana are joined by Geek Freak’s Squeaks to review Thor. This is the first Marvel movie for the Disney Moms Gone Wrong. Did they enjoy Earth 616 or are they sticking to the Magic Kingdom?

Summer Brawl – Part 3

Hey all! It’s our third round of duels. Even the strong will fall at this point. We bring in a judge to break ties as things tend to get heated!

Summer Brawl Part 2

Bring on the baddies! It’s time for the villain’s sweet 16. Who will prevail? Bowser, Arthas, M. Bison… Let’s find out.

Interview with Comic Creators Allen and Jasen

Hey all! Pocus is back! We are discussing the fourth installment of Pocus Hocus with writer Allen Dunford and colorist Jasen Smith. See you in hell! Kickstarter: Allen: Jasen: Will: Brian: Jasen’s Stream: 

Kenobi and The Orcs

Hey all! This week we are discussing Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cal Kestis, Alexa’s creepy new feature, Digital ownership, and the July Watchlist.  We are taking the week of July 4th off. We’ll see you after that for Thor and Stranger Things conversations! Sources Jedi: Fallen Order Overwatch 2 Alexa

Jon Snow and The Thunderbolts

Hey all! This week I’m discussing Jon Snow’s new series, Netflix’s Squid Game reality tv show, Marvel’s Thunderbolts, and much more.  Sources Jon Snow Thunderbolts NFTs Funko Joker 2 Device Chargers Additional Articles from Kaare Eriksen

Summer Showcase

Hey all! Kyle is joined by Frank and they are talking about all the recent gaming reveals. From The Last of Us to Starfield, there is a TON to discuss! What are you most hyped for?

Ms. Marvel and Minecraft

Hey all! This week Jon and Frank discuss Ms. Marvel, Xbox Showcase, Discord competing with Twitter, Gaming Music joining the Emmys, and much more!

Toy Story

Hey all! The crew visits one of their favorites today with Toy Story! Join Diana, Sarah, and Susan as they discuss the longevity of Pixar’s first movie. 

All the Big Trailers from Netflix’s Geeked Week 2022!

This week we see the start of Netflix’s Geeked Week, and with it, a slew of new trailers. Here are some of the big reveals you don’t want to miss! ‘Wednesday’ Teaser ‘One Piece’ Set Reveal Teaser for Mike Flanagan’s ‘The Midnight Club’ ‘Resident Evil’ Live-Action Series Trailer ‘The Sandman’ Trailer and Release Date of… Continue Reading →

Little Mermaid

Hey all! This week the team goes under da sea with the Little Mermaid. This film launched a new era of Disney animation, but does it hold up?

I, Mudd ToS S2E8

Mudd is back and now the leader of an android population. Can Kirk and crew free this planet from Mudd’s tyranny? Join Jon and Kevin to find out!

Popular Games We Avoid

Kevin and Kyle are talking about those super popular games they simply do not like. Is there a big game you tend to avoid? Let us know on our socials!

Comic Artist Patrick Buermeyer Interview

Hey all! We are talking with Patrick Buermeyer, artist of The Rotted Lyre. We discuss the horror-filled world of Discordia. Join us then follow The Rotted Lyre for more haunting tales! The Rotted Lyre Kickstarter: Patrick’s Socials: ——————–

Upfronts and Link’s Clone

We are discussing the latest news from the broadcast upfronts. We then debate the difference between plagiarism and inspiration in gaming development. Lastly, we question the creation of the King’s Diversity Space Tool.   Marvel Upfronts Star Wars Upfronts Plagiarism Debate King’s Diversity Tool Space

Catspaw ToS S2E7

This Halloween special goes off the tracks quickly with a mix of unrealistic reactions, sloppy plot, and silly new characters. Join Jon and Kevin as they trudge through this Trek.

Snow White

Diana, Sarah, and Susan are talking about the first full-length Disney cartoon, Snow White. Does this history-making movie hold up? Let’s discuss.

Snow White

Diana, Sarah, and Susan are talking about the first full-length Disney cartoon, Snow White. Does this history-making movie hold up? 

11. Battle Royale

As we head to the last few episodes, we see the castaways plan out their final three. The targets from here on out are the heavy hitters with great resumes. Who’s out this week?

Lion King 1 1/2

Hey all! This week the team is talking Lion King 1 1/2. This “mid-quel” shows behind the scenes of Lion King 1.

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