Betty White: An Icon of an Industry

Betty White is a living legend with an extraordinary story that shaped television. She has led a life in the spotlight, bringing focus to her highs and even her lows. Writer Ray Richmond has chosen 100 moments from Betty White’s career to display the evolution of a headstrong girl into an icon of an industry.Continue reading “Betty White: An Icon of an Industry”

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Who Watches the Watchmen? This phrase has become famous in Geekdom as Alan Moore’s motto for his ‘Watchmen’ comic series. In the comic, it’s a multi-layered metaphor meant to make the reader uneasy about unchecked powers over our society. The original term is “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” which is Latin comes from a 1st-century RomanContinue reading “Who Watches the Watchmen?”

Interview with Ahmed Alameen

This week we had the pleasure of talking with Ahmed Alameen about his new comic “The Epics of Enkidu”. This story follows a mythological hero lost in time and brought to our modern world. Enkidu also happens to be autistic, giving him a heightened understanding of his surroundings. Please join us as we discuss Ahmed’sContinue reading “Interview with Ahmed Alameen”