Twitch Faces Its Gambling Problem as Streamers Take a Stance

Streamer Abraham “Sliker” Mohammed

The past week has been a roller coaster for Twitch and its gambling community. Let’s briefly break down the timeline.

Streamer Sliker admitted on his stream that he had a gambling addiction betting on CS:GO games. Furthermore, he had solicited $200,000 from the Twitch community under false pretenses to fund his gambling problems.

The Sunday after Sliker’s reveal, major streamers like Imane “Pokiman” Anys, Mathew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, and Devin Nash united to discuss the gambling issue on Twitch. Some of the concerns were the access it provides to its young audience and the “cheapening” of the site in the eyes of legitimate advertisers. Eventually, the idea of a week-long Twitch ban over Christman week was seen as a real option.

On Tuesday, Twitch tweeted out a statement with new gambling rules. In short, they would not allow slots, roulette, or dice games not sanctioned and protected by local governments. Twitch also explained they will be expanding their new gambling rules over the next few weeks. One issue with Twitch’s new stance is it exempts “websites that focus on sports betting, fantasy sports, and poker.” Sliker’s addiction involved sports betting.

There is much more to discuss on this issue, including the world of gambling streamers, Twitch’s stakes in the practice, and the lack of standards across the industry as a whole. For more information, check out Arstechnica and Kotaku‘s articles on the subject.

Thor and the Lich King

We are talking about Thor: Love and Thunder following the new trailer. We’ll discuss the new expansion to World of Warcraft. And predict what’s next for Stranger Things. 

Star Trek, Switch Success, and Madame Webb

Hey all! This week Frank is sharing all the latest Star Trek news, the death of Google stadia, the success of Nintendo Switch, and the casting reveal for Madame Webb!


Google Quietly Ditching Stadia

Dakota Johnson Tapped To Play First Female Superhero Star In Sony Pictures’ Universe Of Marvel Characters

Nintendo Switch Crosses 103 Million Units Sold, Surpasses Wii’s Lifetime Sales

EA’s Boss Went From Calling NFTs The ‘Future’ To Running Away From Them

Every upcoming Star Trek show and movie, ranked by anticipation

Geek Gift Guide

Time is running out to grab those Christmas gifts! If you need some ideas for the geek in your life, we got you covered.


By nature, geeks are nostalgic. Grab your loved one a Tamagotchi. These 90s classics a back with both newer models and retro models. It’s also quite affordable at nearly $25.

Custom View Finder

Time is running out, but a custom viewfinder can be finished in time. Fill it with pictures of fun times you shared. You can even get crafty with photoshopped images of your friend in famous films like Star Wars.

Lego Helmets

These are quickly rising in popularity. They mix both the fun of Legos and collectible statues. They run around $50 and can be picked up at you local Walmart or Target.

Funko Pop

It’s likely the geek in your life already collects Pops, and would love some new ones for their shelves. Pick up a Pop for their favorite shows to games. Pops have been approved for a wide variety of franchises. You should be able to find the right Pop for you.

Table Top Games

Everyone is excited to start hanging out again. Table top games are a fun way to reunite with friends. You can grab a classic like Catan or Cards Against Humanity or a specialty game like Game of Thrones Risk.

Join us on the latest Geek Freaks Podcast where we discuss even more Geek gifts!

Dune Part 2 is a GO!

Dune: Part 2 is greenlit at Legendary and Warner Bros! After both the positive reviews and box-office numbers, the next step is Paul’s journey is underway.

“I just received news from Legendary that we are officially moving forward with Dune: Part Two. It was a dream of mine to adapt Frank Herbert’s Dune, and I have the fans, the cast, and crew, Legendary and Warner Bros. to thank for supporting this dream. This is only the beginning.”

Denis Villeneuve to Deadline

The film will be exclusive to theaters and slated for October 2023. We did a full review, comparing Part 1 to the novel, on our podcast feed. Check it out:

FIFA and EA Part Ways

The exclusive partnership between FIFA and EA comes to an end in 2022. EA does not want to pay FIFA’s new asking price of 300k a year. Meanwhile, FIFA wants to expand its gaming footprint with new studios.

“It is clear that this needs to be a space that is occupied by more than one party controlling all rights.”

FIFA Statement

The deal was first struck in 1993 at an annual licensing fee of 150k. The FIFA franchise is reportedly worth $2 billion to EA annually. The previous installment, FIFA 21, had an impressive 31 million players. The loss of exclusivity is another step in EA’s evolving company over the last few years. They also loss Star Wars and 2K is once again making an NFL game.

We will discuss what this means for both companies on our next podcast, Geek Freaks News.


DC Fandome Trailers and Reveals

DC Fandome has come to a close. We have new trailers, comics, and reveals. Here are the biggest announcements from the day:

The Batman 2nd Trailer

We all know why you’re here. The Batman’s new trailer was outstanding. The costume, city, music, Batmobile, and cast have us all VERY hyped!

Peacemaker Trailer

A once silly idea is shaping up to be an highly anticipated HBO Max original. The following interview showed they entire cast had a lot of fun making this series.

Black Adam Teaser

Black Adam is about to change the face of the DCEU. A well developed villain that can take on any hero… or all of them together.

The Flash Teaser

They had little Flash footage to reveal, but we did see the ’89 Batmobile is back!

Gotham Knights – Court of Owls Trailer

The Court of Owls are the major villain in the upcoming Gotham Knights. They are a newer villain, but already a fan favorite.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Story Trailer

The Justice League appear to be corrupted and on a rampage. The Suicide Squad will take them down one at a time.

The Flash series’ new costume

With a new season comes a new suit. This time, we are getting the iconic boots.

Milestone Comics Expands

Static Shock film is in the works, New seasons are on the way, and a new animated film is in development. Milestone is bring in a ton of new content. Highlights are the return of Blood Syndicate and a 1,300 page compendium of the 90s comics.

Teaser for League of SuperSets

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart team up for this animated DC film.

Superman’s New Motto

DC is updating the old “American Way” with a new motto, “Truth, Justice and a Better Tomorrow.”

Other Announcements

  • Wonder Woman 3 is coming
  • Jim Lee teased a new Crisis on Infinite Earth
  • Pennyworth is coming to HBO Max early 2022
  • Todd McFarlane revealed new statues for The Batman, Joker, and Batman by Gaslight
  • Batman: The Animated Series’ new iteration, Batman Caped Crusader, will be more noir and adult-leanings.
  • Harley Quinn Season 3 expected in 2022
  • Titans is renewed for a 4th season
  • They showed up some concept art for Batwheels
  • Catwoman Hunted, a new animated film, coming Feb 2022
  • Batwoman and Alice will be teaming up for Batwoman season 3
  • DC’s Monkey Prince returns to comics in Feb 2022
  • Smallville came out 20 years ago!
  • Teaser for Injustice film (Already released)
  • First look at Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer
  • Doom Patrol has been renewed for a 4th season
  • New mid-season teaser for Stargirl
  • Supergirl says goodbye with cast old and new
  • Teaser for Batman: Wayne Family Adventures
  • Trailer for Aquaman animated mini-series
  • Logo reveal for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom

Check out the full four hour event!

Fortnite Admits Among Us Inspiration

After a great deal of scrutiny, Epic has admitted inspirations from Fortnite’s new Imposter Mode came from Among Us. Imposter Mode is essentially the same gameplay as the indy hit Among Us but far bigger and with far more polish. The news comes from new patch notes on Epic’s site. “v18.20 brings improvements to Impostors, the game mode inspired by Among Us from Innersloth!” the notes read. 

Among Us developer Innersloth never wanted compensation, even admitting the idea is not original but did want to collaborate with Fortnite. Team members took to Twitter to discuss their feelings on the situation.


Well, the tides may be turning. After the patch notes were released, a Twitter conversation between the companies began. First Among Us used the eye emoji showing they noticed the shout-out in the notes. After some back and forth, Fortnite says, “Big fans! We never got to talk about how you inspired us. What do you think about working on something fun together sometime?” Among us responded with, “yesssss have ur Agents contact our Crewmates.” Fans replied to the conversation with excitement as two games’ fandoms can finally celebrate together. 

We will discuss the new crossover on the next Geek Freaks News!

New Superman, Jon Kent, Comes Out as Bisexual

Our new Superman, Jon Kent, is coming out as bisexual in November’s ‘Superman: Son of Kal-El’ #5. Writer Tom Taylor explained in a statement to DC why Jon’s identity was so important:

“I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros. share this idea. Superman’s symbol has always stood for hope, for truth and for justice. Today, that symbol represents something more. Today, more people can see themselves in the most powerful superhero in comics.”

Taylor revealed the news on Twitter in celebration of #ComingOutDay:

DC has stepped up its support for the LGBTQ+ community this year. They are trying to include everyone in the family and help them find heroes they identify with. ‘DC Pride’ launched June 8th. It’s an anthology series that shares stories of established LGBTQ+ heroes like Batwoman, Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, and Poison Ivy. In August’s ‘Batman: Urban Legends’ #6 we learned that Tim Drake’s Robin discovers his bisexuality with a “lightbulb moment.” DC proves comics should always be an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone.

Sources: CBR, THR, DC Comic

Geek Freaks’ 3 Tik Tok Channels!

Geek Freaks has a Tik Tok channel! Not just one… but three channels!

Geek Freaks Podcast Channel

Our primary channel has been around for a year but is now fully utilized. This is where you will find the latest geek news throughout the week. The new breaks are typically under a minute and give you the headlines and immediate reactions. Every Wednesday we show you what comics are released. These posts are a quick slide show that lets you know what you need to pick up. Lastly, we have duels every Saturday. These are classic “Who would win in a fight” scenarios that you can vote on!

Geek Freaks Game Trailers

New game trailers release every day. From indie to AAA, we will post them all here. Keep up on what games are on the horizon!

Geek Freaks TV/Movie Trailers

This channel is a hub for all those outstanding movies and TV trailers we love to discuss. This will be specifically useful for events like DC Fandome and Netflix’s TUDUM when multiple trailers are released. They will be right here!

All our channels will also be available on our homepage later this week. We love to engage with fellow geeks. If you have any additional content you want, let us know!

PlayStation Ending Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Sony confirmed they will no longer offer free next-gen upgrades for their games. Over the past year, both Xbox and PlayStation have offered free upgrades from previous systems to next-gen for first-party games. This got players purchasing the games while they try to find a console amidst a shortage. PlayStation is the first to conclude this policy.

The announcement comes after some confusion over the upgrade policy of Horizon Forbidden West. It was “leaked” that the game would not receive the upgrade. After much debate on social media, Sony came out to clarify. Players will be able to upgrade Horizon Forbidden West, but it’s that last of the policy.

Free upgrades help the players but can slow console sales. Often a console will sell due to an exclusive title. Many expect a boom in Xbox sales once Halo Infinite releases. Forcing the games to only play on new systems gets players to make the move. Sony changed a few components last month to increase the PlayStation supply, making the shortage less of an issue.

It may be a blow to some players, but it is needed to progress the console generation. As for Xbox, they are using the bound-to-account system. When you buy a game, it’s available for multiple generations via Game Pass and xCloud. The console war has shifted from company vs. company to business model vs. business model. This is the next chapter in the saga that will decide the future of the console gaming industry.

Source: Kotaku

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