Today’s Episode: 2019 Preview!

Hey all! In the next episode we will be discussing the latest news and going over all the things we are looking forward to in 2019. We discuss comics like New World, Three Jokers, Saga and the Transformers relaunch. In TV we talk about Rick and Morty, Watchmen, Twilight Zone, Disney +, and of course Game of Thrones. The movies were all about the Year of the Mouse. Disney is taking over the box-office. From Aladdin, Dumbo and Lion King to Avenger, Captain Marvel and Star Wars Episode 9. Lastly there is video games like Kingdom Hearts 3, The Division 2, Gears 5, and Anthem. This is our first episode back since the holidays and the relaunch of the show so we ended up talking for a long time… I suggest listening in sections. Let us know what you are most hyped for this year!


Hey all! This is super exciting (and anxious) times for our podcast. We are changing the name and format of the whole show. We are changing because we want to expand the topics we cover and how we cover them. With the top five format we would have to direct all our conversation through that narrow scope. It is a lot of fun talking about our favorites in all kinds of topics but then we would sit around for a couple hours discussing current news in games, comics, show and movies. We quickly realized that this is what the podcast should become. I know what your thinking, “But Frank! I like Top Five the way it was, that’s why I subbed!” Totally, understand. We LOVE making Top Five and that’s why we are still going to be making them. That’s right! We will be putting up a Top Five monthly as just one of the varied shows we will be bringing you. Other content we will be doing is new and retro movie/game reviews, the news in geek life, updates from the convention floors, and so much more. And soon will be doing more than just podcasts like streaming and full YouTube episodes. This new format also allows us to have more guest on that will bring in more diverse points of views. Basically it comes down to MORE of us! Please be patient as we make the changes in the following weeks. We will also be holding off on new shows to give the server and all podcast providers time for the name changes. Thank-you all for joining us and we look forward to the future!

Today’s Show: Worst Santa’s

Hey all! Today we are talking about the worst Santa’s in film. We go over some classics like Dan Akroyd in “Trading Places” and of course Billy Bob Thronton in “Bad Santa”. And we discover some unique ones like Santa Bot from Futurama (technically in a movie) and the Santa that fell off the roof in “Santa Clause”. I gotta give props the crew in this one, they were on fire. Joe convinced me that one of the best Santa’s could actually be one of the worst. It was a stretch but it’s not out of the realm now. I also want to thank Diana for joining us in the episode. Please let us know if we missed a good one and any future topic ideas!

Next Show: Christmas Movies

Hey all! You asked for it, we bring it. Top Five Christmas Movies! This is a bit early, I wanted to make it the week before Christmas but I’ve been getting the requests. We will be doing a Christmas Specials episode yearly for Christmas week. There were so many great choices here; made is tough. I love It’s a Wonderful Life it is was too “old school” for these kids. Apparently being a couple years older means you can appreciate EXCELLENT films. Although, every movie I had to fight against was solid. I mean how can you hate the Grinch?!?

Today’s Show: Comic book Costume Adaptations

Hey all! Boy this topic title is a mouth full. What we are going to be talking about is the best hero and villain outfits pulled off the comic book pages and put in our favorite movies. Our opinions of of what made a good adaptation were different which made for a great discussion out accurate attempt versus total re-imagining. Fan or not, Ben Affleck Batman costume was pretty spot on to the Frank Miller comic but does that make it better than Wolverine’s black leather outfit? On a personal note I took a heavy inspiration from the attempts that chaged how comic book movies were made from then on out. Iron Man suit showed that heros can be bigger than tights and cape. Deadpool’s CGI eye’s made the best Spider-Man suite possible. This was a very fun conversation and really hope you enjoy the show.

Today’s Show: Disney Villains

Hey all! IT’S DISNEY EPISODE 3! And we have another special guest, thanks to Sarah for joining us. She was a fierce competitor and hard to argue with. She is also my personal grammar police so I can’t to hear about ending sentences with “with”. Today we talked about all our favorite bad guys of the magic kingdom. There were so many that we will probably need a part 2. One of our discussion point is on how complicated these characters are from Ursella being the Sea Witch and bear of opportunity to Scar being the shunned brother only trying to feed the forgotten. Another interesting point was how well the manipulated everyone around them. Jafaar in particular was really working the mind control. Let us know who your favorite villain is and what points we should have brought up. Enjoy the show!

Next Show: Netflix Original Series

Hey all! Let’s get binging! We are talking about our favorite Netflix original. Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, House of Cards are all great shows and call Netflix their home. Now, on a personal note. I was the Judge so I couldn’t get my favorites in there but if you bored and want some excellent television I beg you to check out BoJack Horseman and A Series of Unfortunate Events. They are outstanding and original. Even though ASoUE is based on a book series this is the most loyal adaptation. Nice try Jim Carey. Let us know your favorite show or if there is something we should watch. One of the great things about Netflix is there is always a great thing you haven’t watch.

Today’s Show: BLIZZCON 2018

Today we are discussing Blizzcon 2018. All the announcement, reviews and eSports. The excitement for Warcraft 3 Reforged to the disappointment of Diablo Immortal. Let us know what you thoughts are from this years convention. We will be posting the episode today but wanted to get the cinematic posted here so everybody gets a chance to check them out!

Next Show: Horror Films

Halloween-AA68_D023_01113_RHey all! Our next episode is all about those scary movies. We are hyped for Halloween (Holiday and Movie) and wanted to talk about the movies that made us jump! I grew up on Pet Cemetery, It, The Shinning and all the classics but my favorite was Get Out. The directing was outstanding and the story was new and original. My other choice I defended hard was It…. from 1991. Tim Curry is AWESOME! That clown was the scariest dude of my childhood. “We all float down here.” is nightmare fuel. What was your favorite horror film? Let us know! ALSO, we embarrassed the explicit warning on this one, beware.

Next Show: Third Person Shooters

Hey all! We are talking about our favorite 3rd person shooters. We tried to account for the entire game with a slight focus on the game’s shooting mechanics. We are looking at Gears of War, Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Division and so much more. I was the judge and amazing the guys didn’t put Fortnite up! Just the biggest 3rd person shooter EVER! Anyways, it’s still a great episode. Hope you enjoy!

Today’s Show: 90’s Nick Shows

90s-nickHey all! The episode posting tonight was a blast! We talked about our favortite Nick shows. Luckily we had some pretty broad choices from Doug and Rugrats to All That and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Those are some classics right there. We discuss why these shows meant so much to us and why some of them hold up over time. We even talk about what we would be back, our choice surprised me. We also are trying a new sound effects to help keep us keep us on time. This one is the Boxing bell, let us know what you think. We will be trying a few different one until we get it just right. Lastly we announce our contest winner! Hope it was you!

Show Delay….Frank’s Fault

Picard-facepalmHey all! Well I messed up big. We are all going on vacation so I wanted to record three episodes that would release while we were enjoying our cruise. They were great episodes that were super funny, but … I messed up the gain on the mic and they sound like people screaming through an old time radio. Literally hurts to listen. So we will have a delay in Monday’s episode and it should be out this weekend. We will record the next episode on the cruise and I’ll post that when we get back. Sorry for the delay and hope you can enjoy our old episodes in the mean time.

Next Show: Favorite League of Legends Charecter

Hey all! Are you Team Garen, A Swain Fanboy or maybe you love that little demon Teemo. Well we discuss them all in this episode of Top Five. Personally I have always been a Garen fan since season 2. He just has a really good design with his silence, then spin to win and you can either finish them off or pop the defensive and run out. Another great design is Nasus. The risk reward with him is very well done. You have to play 4 vs 5 till late game but if you can get to the late game you are rewarded with a monster team pusher that eats towers for lunch. What is your favorite champ? Let us know on any of the social media’s and we will give some of them a shout out in the next episode.

Next Show: Video Game Weapons

Hey all! We are talking about video game weapons; the tool of our trade! Your weapon is The is all you have to fight off endless heartless, defeat The Covenant and quietly assassinate some random guy in Renaissance Italy. The weapon you use is often what makes you feel legendary in the video game world. Often the weapon defines the experience as well. Like when you shoot your single bullet from the Golden Gun in Golden Eye only to have it miss. Then you find yourself scrabbling to reload as you hide from your friend who is probably peeking at your part of the split screen. Who hasn’t picked up the energy sword in Halo and felt like it was time for a killing spree. Quickly slicing to enemies that simply could not put enough bullets in you in time. These are some iconic moments we all share and they hinges on the weapons in our hands.



Hey all! We got you a BONUS episode! This is a special call-in episode with Tabby from Washington and Derek from Kentucky. This is recorded using a new software so we can communicate that makes the audio sound a bit different. Also this topic is very specific with many acronyms that my not be familiar to you. We are discussing bosses from our favorite video game/community builder World of Warcraft! Most of us have been playing this game off and on for at least 10 years. In that time we have not only enjoyed the evolving game and story but most importantly have made many friends. I met Tabby in a raid called Ice Crown Citadel in 2009. We still share stories of those messy times when we were still learning that level of gameplay. Since then Tabby and I are still friends that share photos and text often. Derek and I met three years ago when he recruited me into his guild. We became fast friends and met up at Blizzcon in LA. We now work in tandem on many projects and is one of my best friends. Daniel is also on the show. You are all familiar with him. While we have always been friends through my brother, it was WoW that brought us together as real friends. Now we hangout all the time. This is why World of Warcraft has stayed so popular for over a decade. These bosses are not just video game characters we beat but are the reference points to the efforts and time we have put in together. The bosses are chosen based on lore, mechanics and community involvement.

Next Show: 2000’s Comedy Movies

Hey all! Our next show dives into to the best comedy movies from the new millennium. Will Ferral, Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn were in charge of the box office and made some classics that are still referenced to today. Stay Classy, shake and bake and yelling “Kelly Clarkson!” have become a part of our vernacular. Join us as we look back at all the laugh. Hope you enjoy that show!

Next Show: Disney Sidekicks

850-8Hey all! We have our next Disney episode, and this time we are checking out the sidekicks! We are joined by a great guest, Diana, who suggested this topic after our Disney Princess episode. These sidekicks taught us so much about how to be a great friend and always to have our buddies back. Baloo and Bagheera kept Mogli safe while also just hanging out and enjoying those bear necessities. Pumba and Timon practically raised Simba singing Hakuna Matata the whole time. If it weren’t for Cogsworth and Lumier would the Beast still be a grumpy monster in a forgotten castle? We explore all these in this fun and admittedly long episode. We would love more suggestions on topics and if you want us to start narrowing on a certain subject let us know. We want to have an interactive community with our listener and would be happy to hear any advice. Thanks and Hope you enjoy the show…next Monday!

Today’s Show: 90’s Action Movies


Hey all! Lets look back at probably the best decade in action films. Terminator 2, Bad Boys, Air Force One, Waterworld and so much more. One of our big criteria here was that the film had to have a clear action hero. We all group up wanting to be John McClain or Schwarzenegger on a motorcycle. Another thing to mentions is that we bring in some of our less know but favorites as kids. Personally my family would always rent any VHS with Jean Claude Van Damme on the cover. He is amazing and super underrated. What was your favorite action movies from the 90’s? Who was your favorite action hero? Let us know on all the social medias!

Today’s New Episode


downloadHey all, today’s episode is all about 2018 San Diego Comic-Con. Tons of announcements that Squeaks and I discuss. We got new comics from Adventure Time, Geoff Johns and Wukanda. We got new toys from Hasbro, McFarlane and Funko. We also got a bunch of trailers from Godzilla: King of Monsters, Shazam! and Aquaman. Below I’ll be listing some of the big trailers and teasers. Hope you enjoy the show!

Next Show: Tom Hanks Movies

Hey all! I’m very excited for this one as we dig into Top 5 Tom Hanks Movies. A little back story. All of us are major Hanks fans. Joe and I have started a Tom Hanks fan club in our town and have membership cards and everything. No joke, we are that big of Hank Heads! New term I just invented, I know your impressed. When we did our first Patreon exclusive episode it was on Top 5 Dramas and it was very hard to not just name all Hanks films. That recording had us put Mr. Hanks in the “Tupperware of Topics.” That name needs some work, I’ll admit.

In this episode we go through some classics like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Castaway” but due to the volume of his work we had to miss out on some gems like “Big” and “Splash.” Yes, “Splash” is a gem! We could have done a Top 10 on this topic and still missed out on some good ones. We tried to focus on the film itself and not solely on the acting. That is a different list entirely. For example, in “Castaway” Hanks does some of his best acting but some might argue that the plot is thin. We discuss the difference between acting and film in great detail here. This was so much fun to make and I hope you enjoy the show!

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