Next Show: Disney Princess

rsz_princessHey all! Our next show we discuss our Top 5 Disney Princesses. This was a really fun because we had a special guest (Susy) and I got to be the judge this round. We had some surprises in this one. First of all I have always liked Belle from Beauty and The Beast so I assumed she would win out, but she did not do very well. We had some very passionate debates about some outsider Princesses. Squeaks was pushing hard for Tiana, Susy was all about Pocahontas and Daniel was a VERY big fan of Princess Kida. Kida is from Atlantis in case you are like the rest of us and completely forgotten about her. Some of the factors we look at are how they treat their kingdom, how they are with there love interest (Prince) and how remember-able they are from our childhood. We hope you enjoy the show!

Next Show: DC Villians

Hey all! In the episode we check out our Top 5 DC Villains! Number 1 was a pretty easy choice Ill admit, but after that things got interesting. I even had to educate the guys on the amazing Black Adam. DC-VILLAINS

One of the difficult aspects to this topic is deciding the best villain in all their versions. Can’t just say “I love Liam Neeson so Ras’ al Ghul must be number one!” We had to look at all the depictions of that character. Liam Neeson, comic books, and Arrowverse all in one to create your choice. We also discuss our favorite versions and many of the villains’ complexity. On a side note I was very surprised that we didn’t just pick a bunch of Batman villains. Possibly the best “rogue gallery” but when it came down to it, Superman had the strongest showing. Well we hope you enjoy the show!

Next Show: Top 5 E3 2018 Announcements

Hey all! This very special episode will be coming a few days early as we come hot off all the exciting announcements out of this years E3. We have been watching the press conferences like with wide eyes from EA to Nintendo and we are ready to review all the news and rank what we are anticipating the most.

In this episode it will only be Daniel and myself (Frank) because we want to use a lot of the time reviewing the big games we will be seeing in the coming months.

Level Up! Crackdown

Crackdown3     Hey all! Our newest Level Up! is posted. In the episode Squeaks and I are joined by Jon and we talk about our favorite evil Agency and their efforts to take out the three crime syndicates that have Pacific City in rapid decay. In Crackdown you play as a nameless Agent and the Director gives you the orders to take out Los Muartos, The Volks and The Sha-Gen Corporation. Your journey is all up to the player and you can attack any gang you want in what ever order you decide. We discuss how this open ended design effects the story and how the gameplay and design help you create your own story. Hit us up on twitter if you have a suggestion on what game we should play next. Enjoy the show!

Posting Schedule and Purchases

Hey all! Just wanted to update everyone on what we are posting. We have a Top 5 for Stan Lee Cameos Posting on Monday the 11th. The goal is for that to be the new posting day for all Top 5s. On the 8th we posted a Nerd News about E3; we will post an E3 review show at afterwards too. On Saturday we will be posting a Level Up! about Crackdown from XBOX 360.


Finally, one of our many recording issues is the constant sounds of people hitting the table. Well we purchased some shock absorption. They are on the way and it will be a couple episode before you hear the difference. I have learned how to take out the A/C and fridge sounds in the background so you hopefully have noticed that change. The next big change is the volume issues. To fix this we will need new mics for everyone and the mixer. It will be an expensive upgrade and will take some time. Thank-you so much for hanging in there with us as we grow!

Next Show: Stan Lee Cameos

Hey all! Next up is Top 5 Stan Lee Cameos! Everybody knows who Stan Lee is nowadays. He was once just a comic fanboy hero that brought Spider-man, Hulk and many others to life but now is apart of our unified zeitgeist. He has been making cameos in all media inspired by his work. He was in the jury during the Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989), did some classic web slinging on Spider-Man animated series (1996) and was just chatting with The Watchers in Guardians if the Galaxy 2 (2017). Such a legend has portrayed some of the most average people and often portrayed us in a super hero’s world. He is also a sure fire laugh in the theaters when we see that big grin and dark sun glasses. On a side note: this episode we try a slightly different format. We announce our individual top 5 choices then boil it down to an agreed top 5. We hope you enjoy the show and let us know what you think of the changes. Excelsior!

Next Show: Walking Dead Character

Hey all! Our next episode that’s posting Friday is going to be Top 5 Walking Dead Character. An important distinction is we will only be going over the AMC show. The comics are great but the guys are not familiar enough with the differences. walkingdeadcharacters-blogroll-1519182329473_1280w

As I was making my list and doing my research I found that most of my favorites were not in the main cast. Rick, Michonne and Daryl are all pretty awesome but they all seem either one dimensional or there personality is so dynamic that it just doesn’t make sense. Looking at you Rick Grimes. While we were working on this episode the news that Andrew Lincoln (Rick) will be leaving the show and Norman Reedus (Daryl) will be the new lead character. This is interesting, not only is this a huge change from the comics but Daryl’s character is not even in the books at all. Will this change from the source material be the boost the declining show needs or will it be the shows last last dying breath. AMC has also announced that they will be doing more spin-off shows. They can use this last few seasons to set up some standalone shows. Personally I would love to see the start of The Kingdom and rise of King Ezekiel. We hope you enjoy the episode as we look back at cable’s number one show for years.

Changing Nerd News

Hey all! It’s official, we are changing how we do Nerd News. Instead of being before a Top 5 they will be short standalone episodes that we will record randomly whenever the news seems to hot to contain. When we tried to do them weekly it felt like we were diving too deep into specific corners that made most of the content boring. I expect an episode every month and they will be totally bonus. I will also be much more active on Twitter in spreading the news there. Make sure to follow us for all the fresh Nerd News update. You can find @thetopfivecast, and make sure to message as with any cool info you come across so we can share it with everyone!

Our First Level Up!



Hey all! We just posted our first episode of Level Up! In this series we take a look at some of the most influential games in history. We breakdown story, game play and design then we rank the game against other in the same genre. We will be putting out one episode each month but as part of our E3 Prep we will be doing a few extra in the coming weeks.

For our first game we discuss Kingdom Hearts developed by Square Soft. Kingdom Hearts brought us into a Disney world with Final Fantasy game play. You play as Sora and journey through Disney inspired world searching for Sora’s friends that were taken by Heartless. You are accompanied by Donald Duck and Goofy as they try to find King Mickey. This stunning, colorful and fast pace 3D platformer showed the strength of a failing company called Square and solidified the merger with Enix. We hope you enjoy the show!

Special Nerd News: E3 Leaks

Hey all! We have a special episode that just posted. Squeaks brought in some interesting leaks that is related to E3. A lot of the leaks come from a Walmart accidental post, and Squeaks got his hand on the screen grab! e3-1066707He also has some info on the upcoming E3 2018. We will be posting extra episodes to prepare for E3 and will also be doing a post show where we will look into our Top 5 E3 announcements. We also will be posting our next Top 5 (Women Role Models in Film) on Friday. Turned out great, hope you and enjoy!

Next Show: Women Role Models in Film

CaptureHey all! Our next topic is Top Five Women Role Models in Film. This one was excited as I looked back at some of my favorite movies and had to analyse them in a different way. Does Clarice in “Silence of the Lambs” represent courage in the face of fear? Does Gracie Hart in “Miss Congeniality” tell us to not care what people think of you, just be happy in your own skin? Does Marge Gunderson from “Fargo” represent that a women can embrace her feminine side and still thrive in a male driven environment? Do I think all women role model are in law enforcement? We will explore all these characters and more on our next episode of The Top Five Podcast. Enjoy!

Game Controllers and Patreon

Hey all! Our fourth episode is up and running. We discuss video game controllers in this one. It was a lot of fun. Still getting the audio worked out but the echo is gone…yay! We bought a new laptop for the podcast and that helped. Also, we have released our first Patreon only episode. In that episode we look into our top 5 Drama Films. Our Unsullied tier unlocks the bonus episodes for the low low price of $5! In the beginning we will be doing one bonus episode a month but as our equipment improves we will eventually do three episodes per month. We appreciate any Patreon help that you guys can provide. We also appreciate all our listeners, just happy to have an audience to hear our rambling. Anyways, we hope you guys enjoy these episode!

Next Show: Video Game Controller

Hey all! Next show will be Top 5 Video Game Controller. Some great childhood memories here. Playing the NES and letting my brother think that his unplugged controller was useful. Throwing the Dreamcast controller across the room as Sonic fails to jump when I want him to for the millionth damn time…. still some rage there. And of course the very subtle movement with the Xbox 360 controller as I try to snipe other Call of Duty 2 players with out them seeing me.

As an adult, I appreciate the design of the old controllers that led to our current tools of the trade. Controllers today need to be easy enough for clueless dads to pick up and play with kids. They need to be intuitive enough that remembering a button won’t pull you out of the story. They lastly need to be accurate enough to be the state of the art equipment that an athlete uses to be the best in the world and wealthier them most of us will ever be; stings a little doesn’t it. Excited to take a deep dive with these toys and masterful pieces of technology in this episode that will post on Friday. Enjoy!

Our First Three of Top Five

Hey all! We have our first three episodes posted. Check them out on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and most podcast streaming services. We will hopefully be on Spotify next month. On the right side of our page the episodes will post. Enjoy!


10 Years Of Movies and We Can Only Pick Five

Hey all! Our first show will be recorded on Monday and we will be picking The Top 5 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies! Seemed like a good choice being that Avengers: Infinity War just came out. Some of us have seen every movie and some have missed a few. I personally have seen all but two in theater (Antman and Thor 2). It’s a tough call on my favorite five. One thing I’m finding interesting is that I thought I would like the originals the best like the “Thor 1” and “Captain America 1” days but I find myself thing of the newest films instead. One reason is because the newer ones were so different. We got odd characters and movies that don’t follow the exact “hero movie” formula. A lot to talk about for our first episode, I’m excited!

New Podcast, New Logo

Hello all! My friends and I are starting a podcast that will be a discussion about of top five choices on different topics. I’m pretty sure our first episode will be Top 5 MCU movies! After the first one we will choose our next topic out of a bowl and have a week to do our research before bring them to the group. We will also start the episode with whatever “nerd” news we feel should be brought up. The logo we are going with is the final product that we have all pretty much agreed upon. I hope you like it. It’s nothing major but a good start. Anyways, If there are any topics you guys feels like needs to be added to the bowl just hit us up in an e-mail, twitter, discord or facebook. Thanks all!cropped-logo.jpg

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