New Superman, Jon Kent, Comes Out as Bisexual

Our new Superman, Jon Kent, is coming out as bisexual in November's 'Superman: Son of Kal-El' #5. Writer Tom Taylor explained in a statement to DC why Jon's identity was so important: "I've always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes and I’m very grateful DC and Warner Bros.... Continue Reading →

Geek Freaks’ 3 Tik Tok Channels!

Geek Freaks has a Tik Tok channel! Not just one… but three channels! Geek Freaks Podcast Channel Our primary channel has been around for a year but is now fully utilized. This is where you will find the latest geek news throughout the week. The new breaks are typically under a minute and give you... Continue Reading →

PlayStation Ending Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Sony confirmed they will no longer offer free next-gen upgrades for their games. Over the past year, both Xbox and PlayStation have offered free upgrades from previous systems to next-gen for first-party games. This got players purchasing the games while they try to find a console amidst a shortage. PlayStation is the first to conclude... Continue Reading →

Geek Freak: Happy Campers

Hey all! Frank of Geek Freaks here. The team and I are heading off on vacation. We will be camping, with minimal internet. So updates from us will be sparse. While we are gone, we have set up a week of fun called "Geek Freak: Happy Campers." During this week we will be posting Top... Continue Reading →

Blizzard President Leaves Company

J. Allen Brack *Update* Blizzard's head of HR, Jesse Meschuk, has also left the company. He has not released a statement yet. Jesse has been mentioned in the recent filing for his lack of response to allegations.  Blizzard president J. Allen Brack announced his departure from the company today. Brack leaves two weeks after the State... Continue Reading →

Halo Infinite’s eSports Plans

Halo Infinite is projected to come out this holiday season, and players are ready! This week we learned more about how Infinite eSports will work and got some playtime in a new multiplayer map. Halo Infinite has long been a staple of both FPS multiplayer and eSports. And today, eSports are more important to the... Continue Reading →

Employees Walkout on Activision Blizzard in Protest

Activision Blizzard employees are walking out today in protest of the companies handling of sexual harassment allegations. Players join in the demonstration with mass log-outs throughout Blizzard games. Outrage follows a new lawsuit filed on July 22nd claiming the company has fostered an environment of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Blizzard Protester/ Image via Getty... Continue Reading →

Zelda Hacker Arrested in Japan

A hacker selling corrupted saves of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was arrested this week in Japan. Ichimin Sho of Tokyo was captured by Niigata police on July 8th. He was selling save copies of Zelda that had hundreds of cheats and duplicated items. In his advertisements, he called these "the ultimate save data." He... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Nintendo E3 2021 Announcements

No, there was no Switch Pro announced, but we still got tons of new things to check out from Nintendo at E3 2021. Here are their Top 5 announcements.  Kazuya joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate We wanted Master Chief or Dante, but at least it's a new toon to play. Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima pairs well... Continue Reading →

Devious Eye Entertainment – Indie Spotlight

First up in our Indie Spotlight series is Devious Eye Entertainment. In the pre-E3 festivities, they have been trending near the top. They bring multiple games spanning an array of genres. A look into Devious Eye Entertainment's studio, you learn quickly these are passionate gamers. Gamers that want to take that passion, and create new... Continue Reading →

Road to E3 Part 1

It’s that time of year again. School’s out, the summer heat is here, and the beaches are packed. For those of us who prefer to stay inside, E3 is finally here. This year, the industry’s largest gaming expo has more attention than ever. With 2020’s event canceled and this one being a solely online experience,... Continue Reading →

NFT Sales: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The internet was abuzz last week when the YouTube classic, "Charlie Bit My Finger," was auctioned off. The winner would gain the NFT rights to the video and presumably remove it from YouTube. One of the first notable NFT sales was of this image by artist Beeple that sold for $69 million. "Charlie Bit My... Continue Reading →

God of War Sequel Delayed

The long wait for God of War 2 just got longer. Sony’s Santa Monica studio announced today the God of War sequel will be delayed until 2022. Previously called God of War Ragnarok, the new game will continue the story of Kratos and his son. The final scene of the first game showed Thor arriving... Continue Reading →

Josh Fight!

It's time. Time to determine the ultimate Josh. Joshes must gather for a battle royal to determine the one true Josh. This may sound ridiculous, but it was the premise that brought together hundreds of Joshes from across the country to Lincoln, Nebraska. Armed with pool noodles, the Joshes fought in Air Park. Even cheering... Continue Reading →

Virtual Olympic Series Announced

The first virtual Olympic event was announced this week in an attempt to bring eSports fans to the Olympics. The Olympic Virtual Series will take place from May 13 to June 23. Events include cycling, rowing, sailing, and motorsports. "The Olympic Virtual Series is a new, unique Olympic digital experience that aims to grow direct... Continue Reading →

Square Enix Presents Announcements

Today Square Enix Presents showed off some new games and upcoming updates. Let's check out all the reveals! Outriders We have another trailer for Outriders. This new IP is brought to us by the team that made Gears of War and Bulletstorm. It is a co-op RPG shooter. At first glance, the game has a... Continue Reading →

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