Every New Trailer from the PlayStation Showcase 2023

The PlayStation Showcase 2023 was an exciting event that unveiled a plethora of highly anticipated games and announcements, leaving fans buzzing with anticipation. From breathtaking gameplay showcases to surprising reveals, the event provided a glimpse into the future of PlayStation gaming. With highlights such as the gameplay reveal for Spider-Man 2 featuring both Peter Parker... Continue Reading →

Headlines: House of the Dragon Filming, Secret Invasion Posters, and Gaming Showcases

https://youtube.com/shorts/hfRKvXcybas?feature=share Spoiler Alert: HotD Filming Leaks Reveal Two Major Moments from the Book House of the Dragon Season 2 leak is teasing the aftermath of two pivotal moments from George R.R. Martin's Fire & Blood novel. Shared by Redanian Intelligence, behind-the-scenes footage unveils a funeral procession in King's Landing, hinting at the consequences of Prince... Continue Reading →

Starfield Receives “Mature” Rating from ESRB and “Restricted” Rating from Australian Classification Board

Bethesda Softworks and Microsoft's highly anticipated game, Starfield, has been rated "Mature 17+" by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB). The game, which is an action role-playing game, contains content such as violence, blood, suggestive themes, strong language, and the use of drugs. This rating is similar to Bethesda's previous game, Fallout 76, which also... Continue Reading →

Wizards of the Coast Sends Pinkerton Detectives to Recover Unreleased Magic: The Gathering Cards from YouTuber

A news report yesterday revealed that Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic: The Gathering, had dispatched Pinkerton detectives to recover an upcoming booster box from a YouTuber. Dan Cannon, the streamer, had mistakenly purchased unreleased March of the Machine: Aftermath booster boxes thinking they were part of the recently released March of the... Continue Reading →

QuakeCon is BACK in Person

QuakeCon, the annual convention celebrating Doom, Quake, and other Bethesda games, is returning to Grapevine, Texas, from August 10 to 13 for its first in-person event since 2019. The convention will focus on the fan-favorite BYOC event, which has been upgraded with four days of round-the-clock gaming, community events, meetups with friends, and the annual... Continue Reading →

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