Interview with Actor Josh Leese

In this episode of Geek Freaks, we have a fascinating conversation with actor Josh Leese about his impressive acting career, including his roles in Hulu's Extraordinary and HBO's Chernobyl. Leese shares his experience of working on Chernobyl and how he prepared for his role. We also discuss Leese's recent work in the comedy series, Extraordinary.... Continue Reading →

RUN!! Grandma Chainsaw is HERE!

Imagine your car breaking down on a quiet road in the middle of a damp forest. You find a shabby house and possible respite. Inside, a tiny and frail-looking grandma. You shrug and smile politely as she offers you tea and points to her small dining table. As you sit in the scruffy but clean... Continue Reading →

Melissa Flores of The Dead Lucky Interview

 I'm joined by The Dead Lucky's Melissa Flores! We're talking about the new Massiverse from Image Comics and her latest series, The Dead Lucky. From creating a fresh character in a relatable world to building a new universe that spans comics like Radiant Black and Rogue Sun. Melissa Flores shares her story as a creator... Continue Reading →

Interview with Bea and Ash of Collateral Cinema

This week I chat with Beau and Ash or Collateral Cinema! We discuss the podcasting business and then cover our top 5 superhero movies. Join us! Collateral Cinema Podcast: Collateral Gaming Podcast: Collateral on Twitter:

Interview with Comic Creators Allen and Jasen

Hey all! Pocus is back! We are discussing the fourth installment of Pocus Hocus with writer Allen Dunford and colorist Jasen Smith. See you in hell! Kickstarter: Allen: Jasen: Will: Brian: Jasen's Stream: 

Writers Sy Islam and Gordon Schmidt Interview Hey all! We are joined by Sy and Gordon, writers of "Leader Assemble." Their book explores the lessons of leadership through the lens of the MCU. Join us as we compare Cap and Iron Man to today's leaders. Leader Assemble:

Comic Artist Patrick Buermeyer Interview Hey all! We are talking with Patrick Buermeyer, artist of The Rotted Lyre. We discuss the horror-filled world of Discordia. Join us then follow The Rotted Lyre for more haunting tales! The Rotted Lyre Kickstarter: Patrick's Socials: --------------------

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