Comic Artist Patrick Buermeyer Interview

Hey all! We are talking with Patrick Buermeyer, artist of The Rotted Lyre. We discuss the horror-filled world of Discordia. Join us then follow The Rotted Lyre for more haunting tales!

The Rotted Lyre Kickstarter:

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Comic Writer Laurie Calcaterra Interview

This week I’m chatting with Laurie about her new comic “Path of the Pale Rider.” This comic follows a modern cowboy trying to find answers after the world collapses. Death no longer matters, and yet, it’s everything in this new society.

Author Carol Pinchefsky Interview

Hey all! I had the pleasure to chat with Carol Pinchefsky, author of “Turn Your Fandom Into Cash.” Be sure to grab this easy read to grow your geek-fueled business or start your future career!

“Turn You Fandom Into Cash” on Amazon:

Barnes and Noble:

Carol’s Newsletter:


Other Mentioned Creators


“Jobs That Matter” by Heather Krasna:

‘Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex’ by Larry Niven:

Little Petal Dress Shop:

Comic Artist Chris Michael Interview

Frank talk with Chris Michael, artist, and writer of CRIT. This fun comic follows a special ops team with powers. Beyond that first impression is a DnD style game that builds the story over the entire campaign. CRIT is an entire community following friends playing a game and a team of heroes fighting foes. 

Will and Allen of Pocus Hocus Return + The Prestige Review

Hey all! I was lucky enough to chat with Will and Allen once again. We talk about their comic Pocus Hocus and the process of continuing a multi-issue run. We then follow up on a previous promise and dive deep into ‘The Prestige.’ The film is an unspoken inspiration for both Allen and Will, and it shows. Join me on a MAGICAL conversation with these awesome writers!

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