Greatest Hits: Questions

It’s Spring Break at Geek Freaks! Crank up the podcasts and relax! This week we have our first Greatest Hits episode. We have a collection of our favorite opening questions from a few of our podcasts. Enjoy!

Star Trek, Switch Success, and Madame Webb

Hey all! This week Frank is sharing all the latest Star Trek news, the death of Google stadia, the success of Nintendo Switch, and the casting reveal for Madame Webb!


Google Quietly Ditching Stadia

Dakota Johnson Tapped To Play First Female Superhero Star In Sony Pictures’ Universe Of Marvel Characters

Nintendo Switch Crosses 103 Million Units Sold, Surpasses Wii’s Lifetime Sales

EA’s Boss Went From Calling NFTs The ‘Future’ To Running Away From Them

Every upcoming Star Trek show and movie, ranked by anticipation

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