Betty White: An Icon of an Industry

Betty White is a living legend with an extraordinary story that shaped television. She has led a life in the spotlight, bringing focus to her highs and even her lows. Writer Ray Richmond has chosen 100 moments from Betty White's career to display the evolution of a headstrong girl into an icon of an industry.... Continue Reading →

Geek Freaks’ 3 Tik Tok Channels!

Geek Freaks has a Tik Tok channel! Not just one… but three channels! Geek Freaks Podcast Channel Our primary channel has been around for a year but is now fully utilized. This is where you will find the latest geek news throughout the week. The new breaks are typically under a minute and give you... Continue Reading →

Invincible Review, League of Legends Fan Server, Pokemon Card Market, and Much More!

Hey all! This week we talk about the Hot Tub Stream debate, Star Wars CGI, Pokemon Cards Market, League of Legends going after a fan server, and much more! We finish things with our Invincible series review. We also have the Question of the Day on YouTube! Here are the source for this... Continue Reading →

3rd Annual Better Oscars

With April, comes Oscars season. But here at Geek Freaks, we do the Better Oscars. We were tired of seeing films nominated that had no impact on our community. With Better Oscars, we set up categories about the things we discuss. Best villain, fight scene, and comic book movie. These are what you're texting your... Continue Reading →

Geek Freaks’ 2021 Plans

Every year, we at Geek Freaks get together and discuss the previous year and goals for the next year. In the past, these discussions have brought on the reboot of the podcast, the upgrade to our website, and dedication to conventions. With 2021, our new focus is on expansion. We have a dedicated team, and... Continue Reading →

Join the Discord!

Do you want to discuss Geek culture with like minded people? Join our Discord! We chat throughout the day about the latest in our lives and geek news. Then we often play video games together each night. We even have the Geek Feed channel that has the articles and Instagram posts complied together. And the... Continue Reading →

AEE Disbanded

As readers and listeners are aware, we've been working with All Everything Entertainment for the last couple of months. AEE is a network of content creators that gather their work together in one location. The idea is to share each other's content and gain a bigger audience. These networks are common in the podcast world,... Continue Reading →

Geek Freaks and AEE are Teaming Up!

Exciting news! We've been working with All Everything Entertainment over the last month. We are excited to announce we will be joining forces! All our podcast episodes can be found on the AEE SoundCloud stream. If you are already subbed then no worries, we're still on all the other platforms as usual. You can also... Continue Reading →

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