Betty White: An Icon of an Industry

Betty White is a living legend with an extraordinary story that shaped television. She has led a life in the spotlight, bringing focus to her highs and even her lows. Writer Ray Richmond has chosen 100 moments from Betty White’s career to display the evolution of a headstrong girl into an icon of an industry.

“Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life” by Ray Richmond releases today, December 7th. The beautifully assembled 255-page biography breaks down the life of Betty White into 100 chronological moments. Each story reveals a new piece of White’s motivation, inspiration, and soul. Filled with public and private photos from decades gone by, this book brings the reader back in time. From a young Betty White, writing her own plays for her school, to a scared yet determined woman, making the choices that cemented the name Betty White into the American lexicon.

The stories are easy to read bite-sized tales to consume in our busy lives. But each bite will sustain the reader all day. Sparking imagination and motivation from within. Richmond spoke with others in the Betty White orbit to give the perspective of friends, and sometimes rivals. His writing makes for easy and fun reading. While the moments fly by as the temptation to learn more swallows you whole.

“Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life” is a beautiful coffee table book. Not only entertaining for the owner but a conversation starter for any passer-by. Even a glance at some of the many pictures will have an inquisitive mind firing on every cylinder.

I greatly enjoyed learning more about a staple of my television viewing life. She was elevated to hero, and yet humanized like a friend. Ray Richmond’s “Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life” is a must-read and a perfect gift for the holiday season.

Grab you copy from Amazon today!

Geek Freaks’ 3 Tik Tok Channels!

Geek Freaks has a Tik Tok channel! Not just one… but three channels!

Geek Freaks Podcast Channel

Our primary channel has been around for a year but is now fully utilized. This is where you will find the latest geek news throughout the week. The new breaks are typically under a minute and give you the headlines and immediate reactions. Every Wednesday we show you what comics are released. These posts are a quick slide show that lets you know what you need to pick up. Lastly, we have duels every Saturday. These are classic “Who would win in a fight” scenarios that you can vote on!

Geek Freaks Game Trailers

New game trailers release every day. From indie to AAA, we will post them all here. Keep up on what games are on the horizon!

Geek Freaks TV/Movie Trailers

This channel is a hub for all those outstanding movies and TV trailers we love to discuss. This will be specifically useful for events like DC Fandome and Netflix’s TUDUM when multiple trailers are released. They will be right here!

All our channels will also be available on our homepage later this week. We love to engage with fellow geeks. If you have any additional content you want, let us know!

Black Knight Rises, Gameplay Showdown, and Much More!

Hey all! This week we start with a ton of news. Overwatch 2, Horizon 2, and Far Cry 6 all dropped new details. We discuss if the Black Knight is the future of the MCU. We wrap things up with a spoiler-free review of A Quiet Place part 2!

We won’t have a new YouTube video this week due to technical difficulties while recording.

Ubisoft Fails, Amazon Sells Out, and Much More!

Hey all! This week we discuss Ubisoft’s lack of changes following harassment allegations, Amazon deciding to use XP boosts in their New World game, a ton of new animated DC projects announced, and much more!

Also check out our Question of the Week!

Invincible Review, League of Legends Fan Server, Pokemon Card Market, and Much More!

Hey all! This week we talk about the Hot Tub Stream debate, Star Wars CGI, Pokemon Cards Market, League of Legends going after a fan server, and much more! We finish things with our Invincible series review. 

We also have the Question of the Day on YouTube!

Here are the source for this week that are not already posted:

Mortal Kombat, Josh Fight, and Much More!

Hey all! This week we discuss the Mortal Kombat movie, Virtual Olympics, Better Oscars, Josh Fight, and much more!

We have decided to post the intro of the week’s podcast on YouTube instead of the full episode. We may do both in the future. We felt the hour-long video was a daunting undertaking for those new to the podcast.

3rd Annual Better Oscars

With April, comes Oscars season. But here at Geek Freaks, we do the Better Oscars. We were tired of seeing films nominated that had no impact on our community. With Better Oscars, we set up categories about the things we discuss. Best villain, fight scene, and comic book movie. These are what you’re texting your friends about or reacting to on social media. This year we decided to scale back the categories due to the lack of 2020 releases. Here are the Better Oscars Nominees.

  • Best Villain
    • Doctor Robotnik – Sonic
    • Adrian Griffin – The Invisible Man
    • Andrei Sator – Tenet
    • Cheetah – Wonder Woman 1984
  • Best Comic Book Movie
    • The New Mutants
    • Birds of Prey
    • Wonder Woman 1984
    • Bloodshot
  • Biggest Badass
    • Protagonist – Tenet
    • Harley Quinn – Birds of Prey
    • Art – Project Power
    • Andy – The Old Guard
  • Best Horror
    • Gretel and Hansel
    • Run
    • The Invisible Man
    • Host
  • Best Animated
    • Justice League Dark: AW
    • Mortal Kombat Legends
    • Soul
    • Onward

Additional categories will be added following Patreon submissions. Voting for the Better Oscars will take place on our Twitter and Discord until April 25th. We will Livestream the Better Oscars on April 27th!

This Week’s Show

Hey all! This week we discuss the Superman reboot, Blue Beetle movie, PlayStation’s State of Play, Nintendo Direct, and Much More!

We will also be streaming PS4’s Spider-Man on Wednesday and Dungeons and Dragons on Friday on Twitch!

This Week’s Shows

Hey all! This week we discuss the end of the Jurassic Park franchise, Zorro getting a reboot, Harry Potter’s new series for HBO Max, Kong/Tomb Raider Animes from Netflix, and much more!

Later this week we are releasing a new Push to Talk. This week Squeaks chats with Jon and Frank and discuss Star Trek. Squeaks is new to the franchise and has some questions for veterans. Join us on Friday!

This Week’s Shows

News of the Week

Hey all! We’ve had a fun week at Geek Freaks. A new News of the Week was released on Tuesday with conversations about WandaVision, Daredevil joining Spider-Man 3, Captain America returning to the MCU, and much more.

Push to Talk

Friday brought a new Push to Talk! Squeaks talks to Frank about The Sandman audiobook. They then discuss the future of comics as an audio media.


First stream was the podcast recording followed by some World of Warcraft. The next stream, Saturday night, will be a sneak peak at a new game in alpha development. Stay tuned!

Cephalopod – Beta Review

A new podcast app is on the horizon, poised to change the game. Cephalopod is a new app coming out of beta soon for Android devices with iPhone release coming later! We were lucky enough to try out the beta; for our full review check out our latest episode.

The most important feature of a new podcast player is…the player. Cephalopod has large controls making it easy to navigate at a glance. If you’re like me, you listen while you drive. You don’t have time to stare at your phone to find the rewind. Not a problem on this app. The display is also natively in a “dark mode.” The grey-navy background with bright green controls are clear and easy on the eyes. The last vital player feature is the option to download the pod for later listens. Many current players do not offer this simple option. It’s nice to download the next couple of episodes before entering your office building with little cell service.

Searching for your next favorite podcast is a breeze. On the home screen, press the big green “+” then you are taken to an explore page. This is unique to Cephalopod because it combines a search bar, featured section, and category browser on the same page. The search works as expected, offering similar names if you are not exact. Featured is not available yet but will presumably offer you some of the hottest trending podcasts. The best part is the categories. If you’re in the mood for a gaming podcast, hit “Gaming.” You are then greeted by a plethora of podcasts tailored to your video game needs.

Once you have a podcast picked out, subscribe and the show will be added to your home page. On the show’s page, you can find all their social media links, list of episodes, subscriber count, and claimer count. The socials make it easy to interact with the hosts of the podcast. In the episode list, you can also scroll through the descriptions. Having the full descriptions on the same page as the episode list is a quality of life improvement. The subscriber count lets you know how many others are enjoying the same show. Lastly, and most importantly, is the claimer count. You can click on “Claimers” and open a list of the hosts of the show. Click on a host to view their profile. Profiles let you connect with others in the podcast community. The profile is broken down between User and Creator.

Last are the badges! Badges and tokens will be an upcoming feature that will support creators and give users exclusives and affiliate offers. We will be reviewing the Badges when the feature is available. Geek Freaks is most excited about this feature and what it means for our listeners. We will be offering exclusive only obtainable through Cephalopod!

To celebrate the launch of Cephalopod, we are doing a giveaway. Download the app once available this Friday, subscribe to Geek Freaks, and send a picture through our socials or We will mail you three of our Geekdom Shield stickers with a thank-you card from us. We’ll be giving out stickers throughout January. Let’s hang out on the podcast app of the future!

Grab the Cephalopod app here!

Geek Freaks’ 2021 Plans

Every year, we at Geek Freaks get together and discuss the previous year and goals for the next year. In the past, these discussions have brought on the reboot of the podcast, the upgrade to our website, and dedication to conventions. With 2021, our new focus is on expansion. We have a dedicated team, and each member has their own unique passions. This year, we share them with you.


The biggest addition this year is the launch of three new shows. The best part is, you don’t have to subscribe to a new podcast. All our new shows will be on the Geek Freaks feed. Also, our main show, News of the Week, is here to stay. So is Level Up, with Assassin’s Creed: Origins next on the docket. Now, let’s talk about what’s new!

Push to Talk

Push to Talk is hosted by Squeaks (Eddie Martin) and is a free-form show with rotating guests. He starts each episode with the Geek Box which asks a couple of random open-ended questions. He then dives into the week’s topic or interviews the special guest. Topics will range from fun questions that spark conversations to deep dives into the biggest issues in the geekdom. The pilot episode topic is “Favorite Game of Each Generation” and was a blast to make.

Captain’s Log is lead by Jon Lourence. He will be reviewing every episode of Star Trek… every episode. These 10-minute episodes will be immediate reactions after his viewing. Some are revisits to favorites and others will be first-time watches. He will discuss the events of the episode and follow it up with his thoughts. The short episodes make them the perfect companion for your next Star Trek binge. Captain’s Log will premiere on our YouTube channel then join the podcast feed later this year.

The third new show is in early development. Frank Lourence will host a new “after show” that will follow some of the biggest series from Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, and much more. The 20-minute shows will have a short review, impressions, and additional information to help you better appreciate the series you already love. This new show will be coming closer to summer 2021.


YouTube has been our testing grounds. We would try out new edits, show ideas, or streams without worrying about the numbers. This year, we are stepping it up! YouTube will continue to have video versions of the podcast but will also have exclusive content. The first will be the premiere of Captain’s Log. You will only find the Logs on YouTube for the first two months before they join the podcast feed. Another new YouTube series is Top 5. Long time listeners know our roots are in making Top 5 lists for many different subjects. Now that Geek Freaks has evolved, we don’t get to do enough Top 5s. Well not anymore. Top 5 will be short videos spanning all of the geekdom covering our Top 5s and invite viewers to share their favorites. We have a couple more projects in the works, but they are too early in development to share many details. We are excited to bring you more video content!

Geek Freaks on YouTube


The site has become a major aspect of Geek Freaks. When discussing Geek Freaks with big brands, they bring up the site often. It’s exciting to see so much interest in Last year it grew and went through a much-needed redesign. This year we are going to make the site even more accessible. We will be taking advantage of multiple pages to share information in more diverse formats. The core articles are here to stay and will continue to be the source material for our News of the Week podcast. You can find the articles on the home page. We will be changing the YouTube and Podcast pages to better spotlight the additional content coming in the future. A social media hub page will be a one-stop location for the latest Geek Freaks posts. If we share fan art on Instagram, it might not make it to Twitter. The Hub will be your place to find it all. Our show and event schedule will get its own page as well. We have detailed calendars with releases and recording, and we will start sharing those with you all! The site’s additions will be added throughout the year.

Social Media

Social media has been a place to chat with listeners, fellow podcasters, and sources. But, we have been lacking on a big one, Facebook. Jon has taken the lead and founded the Geek Freak Group. In the group, you can share whatever is going on with you from the latest game you’re playing to that comic you are super into. We will be posting the latest updates about the podcast, our article, new episodes, and whatever cool geek stuff that has us hyped. Across all social media, we will be sharing more fanart, polls, and clips. We love hanging out with you all on socials and want to kick it into a new gear.

Thank You!

2021 is a year of hope and excitement. We want to take this new year by storm. We appreciate our listeners so much and look forward to bringing you more Geek Freaks!

Want to follow all things Geek Freaks? Check out our iLink!

This Week’s Show

Hey all! This week we discuss the best of 2020 (it’s short) then what we are looking forward to in 2021. We then review Wonder Woman 1984 and Pixar’s Soul. We get on a bit of a rant with WW84, far warning. Hope you enjoy!

We have our next Level Up! coming on Saturday. This round we tackle Sea of Thieves! Join Squeaks and Frank on the open seas tomorrow.

This Week’s Show

Hey all! Frank and Jon discuss the reveal of League of Legends’ MMO, Among Us joining Switch and Xbox, Overwatch’s winter event, Cyberpunk continued problems, and much more!

Join the Discord!

Do you want to discuss Geek culture with like minded people? Join our Discord! We chat throughout the day about the latest in our lives and geek news. Then we often play video games together each night. We even have the Geek Feed channel that has the articles and Instagram posts complied together. And the new Geek Freaks episodes are posted there every week. Join us and make some new friends!

Geek Freaks Discord

AEE Disbanded

As readers and listeners are aware, we’ve been working with All Everything Entertainment for the last couple of months. AEE is a network of content creators that gather their work together in one location. The idea is to share each other’s content and gain a bigger audience. These networks are common in the podcast world, and Geek Freaks happens to be apart of a few different networks. AEE is unique because it includes our articles as well.

Unfortunately, AEE has disbanded. The reason is not really important. What is important is Geek Freaks content will no longer be on their site…because it no longer exists. Luckily, you’re on! We will continue to write our articles and post them right here!

We wish all the creators of the former AEE the best of luck and hope they find a new home. Their dedication to quality impressed me. We have learned so much in our short time with them, especially better optimizing our articles for Google.

On a personal note, due to illness, we have not put new articles up for a couple of days. We should be feeling up to it on Monday. Thank you for your patience!

This Week on Geek Freaks

Hey all! This week we discuss the Watch Dogs Legion hack, Todd Howard’s recent Elder Scrolls interview, The Netherlands fines EA’s FIFA, Among Us gets an update, Johnny Depp gets fired, casting for Walking Dead and so much more!

Geek Freaks and AEE are Teaming Up!

Exciting news! We’ve been working with All Everything Entertainment over the last month. We are excited to announce we will be joining forces! All our podcast episodes can be found on the AEE SoundCloud stream. If you are already subbed then no worries, we’re still on all the other platforms as usual. You can also find our articles both on their site and right here at

AEE is a network of hard-working podcasters and writers that want to create a home for all your entertainment and sports news. We are excited to work with them to spread the Geek Freaks news to more people and bring some new content creators to you!

To kick things off, we’re are going to post some of our greatest hits on their site. Come on by and join us!

Top 5 Netflix Intros

Boba Fett Series Begins Filming

Johnny Depp Fired From Fantastic Beasts

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