We’re Invading AEE!

This week we are teaming up with All Everything Entertainment to bring you the latest in movie, comics, gaming, and tv news. We've been working closely with their awesome team to share some of the creators from both sides. At AEE they excel in sports news and is where I go for the latest info... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Show

Hey all! We have a ton this week with Dr. Strange joining Spider-Man 3, Godzilla anime in the works, Downey wanting to make a Sherlock-verse, Resident Evil movies getting rebooted, Gamestop partnering with Microsoft, Riot and Blizzard closing offices, and big updates for Minecraft and Fall Guys! New Level is coming  Friday with special guest... Continue Reading →

Who Watches the Watchmen?

Who Watches the Watchmen? This phrase has become famous in Geekdom as Alan Moore's motto for his 'Watchmen' comic series. In the comic, it's a multi-layered metaphor meant to make the reader uneasy about unchecked powers over our society. The original term is "Quis custodiet ipsos custodes" which is Latin comes from a 1st-century Roman... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Episode

Hey all! In this week's news we learn that Taika Waititi is heading a new Star Wars movie, Tom Cruise will be filming in space, Demolition Man 3 is on the way, Pirates of the Caribbean is getting the reboot treatment, and much more. We also interview writer Ahmed Alameen about his new comic "The... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Show

Hey all! This week we cover DC’s new approach to getting comic books into the shops during the shutdown. Nintendo is trying to keep up with demand as bored consumers eagerly wait. HBO Max has a release date and is free for many AT&T users. After a long battle, Epic Games has surrendered to Google’s... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Show

Hey all! We kick things off this week discussing the cancelation of San Diego Comic-Con and all the things we will miss from the iconic event. Next is HBO's three new shows: Justice League Dark, Overlook, and Perry Mason. Rockstar is working on GTA 6 but is focused on reducing Cruch for the sake of... Continue Reading →

Blizzcon 2020 Is Proceeding, For Now.

Geek Freaks at BlizzCon Here at Geek Freaks, we look forward to sharing Blizzcon with you all year long. With events being cancelled consistently due to COVID-19, we have been keeping an eye on Blizzard and waiting to either book our rooms or make plans for alternate events. Today Blizzard has announced that Blizzcon is... Continue Reading →

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