Quickfire Review Part 3

Hey all! New season, a new set of Quickfire Reviews! What are some games that deserve a better review? Were there any you completely agree with? Let us know!

Console Wars

We’ve all had our favorite systems. We would defend them on the school bus with fervor. Today, as adults, we still exclaim our preferences on social media. But does it matter? Did it ever matter? We discuss the start of the console wars and the current state of the pseudo battles.

Battle Passes: Gaming’s New Game

Pushing Buttons’ Season 3 is here! Kevin and Kyle are joined by Scott to discuss the gaming industry’s most useful new money maker, the Battle Pass. Perfected by Fortnite and now adopted by Call of Duty, Sea of Thieves, and even Overwatch. It seems like every big multiplayer game wants in on this business model. It thrives on PC gaming but is also doing well on console and even in mobile gaming. Join the team in this discussion and their thoughts on Battle Passes in the video game industry going forward.

Summer Showcase

Hey all! Kyle is joined by Frank and they are talking about all the recent gaming reveals. From The Last of Us to Starfield, there is a TON to discuss! What are you most hyped for?

Popular Games We Avoid

Kevin and Kyle are talking about those super popular games they simply do not like. Is there a big game you tend to avoid? Let us know on our socials!

Quickfire Reviews Part 1

This week the team is speeding through an array of games. They take turns challenging the other to a 2-minute review of a classic game. What game should they add to the next quickfire?

Timeless Games

Kyle and Kevin are discussing timeless games that simply do not age. What games are the missing? Let us know on our socials!

Replayable Games

This week’s topic was chosen by a Twitter poll. Thanks so much for the votes! The guys go over some of the most replayable games and analyze why some we return to some games.

Chores vs Fun Tasks

Kevin and Kyle are joined by Frank to discuss chores in gaming and how they compare to fun tasks. What game adds too many chores to your to-do list?

Game Distribution

Hey all! Kyle and Kevin analyze the different forms of video game distribution over the years. They discuss why and how the industry adapted to evolving technology, from floppy disks to the streaming of tomorrow. 

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