Big Announcements of Star Trek Day 2022

It’s Star Trek Day! Let’s discuss the big announcements and cool new tidbits on Star Trek’s live stream. 

Nichelle Nichols: The Brightest of Stars

We first start with a tribute to the late Nichelle Nichols who played Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Series and the following movies. Thank you, Ms. Nichols.

Carol Kane Joins Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

Legendary actor Carol Kane will be joining the Star Trek Universe as Pelia.

According to Deadline, “Highly educated and intelligent, this engineer suffers no fools. Pelia solves problems calmly and brusquely, thanks to her many years of experience.”

Star Trek: Prodigy Will Return on October 27th

After a mid-season break, Prodigy will return in late October to Paramount+. Joining the cast is Billy Cambell as Thadium Okona. This is Billy’s second outing as Thadium, previously playing the character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

First Look at Strange New Worlds Season 2

Erica Ortegas is front and center! Ortegas is prepping for an away mission. Stakes are high, nerves are frayed, and the elite piloting skills of Ortegas are their only chance for success. 

Picard Season 3 Trailer

Jean Luc Picard will need the help of his old Enterprise crew for his next challenge. They board the famed Titan, now captained by Seven, to answer a distress call from Beverly Crusher. This is the final season of Picard and looks to elevate the series to new heights. Engage! 

A look at the Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 Set

Wilson Cruz shows off the busy Discovery set. Sonequa Martin-Green teases us with an unseen script and shares their “one department” philosophy. Cruz then visits more of the cast and set, hyping up the fifth season coming February 16th!

Beware of Evil Wesley Crusher

Wil Wheaton returns to Star Trek as Emperor Wesley Crusher of the Terran Emperor. Players will face Crusher and the Terran Empire in Star Trek Online. 

Sneak Peek of Star Trek: Lower Decks

In this Lower Decks sneak peek, we see the cunning Romulans attacking the Cerritos until the Wayfairer saves the day. But wait! Who’s in the Captain’s chair?!

A New Scripted Audio Drama Series

Star Trek: Khan is Star Trek’s first official scripted podcast. According to, “The scripted podcast will examine what happened in the years after Captain Kirk left Khan on the untamed world of Ceti Alpha V and tells the story of Khan and his followers prior to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

Star Trek Day was a celebration for the many fans of this wonderful franchise. Be sure to watch the two-hour live stream to catch all the fun. 

Live Long and Prosper.

The Trouble with Tribbles ToS S2E15

*This episode was recorded prior to the passes on Nichelle Nichols. Our following episode will be dedicated to her legacy and impact on us.

Hey all! Frank joins Jonathan to talk about one of the funniest episodes of Star Trek. Are tribbles expensive? Did Klingons fear their new fury league? Was the crew enjoying the tribble dunks on Kirk? Trek Freaks has some real fun on this one!

Obsession ToS S2E13

Hey all! Squeaks comes aboard for a new Trek Freaks! The loss of a couple of redshirts has Kirk’s judgment come into question. Is he seeking justice…or vengeance.

I, Mudd ToS S2E8

Mudd is back and now the leader of an android population. Can Kirk and crew free this planet from Mudd’s tyranny? Join Jon and Kevin to find out!

Catspaw ToS S2E7

This Halloween special goes off the tracks quickly with a mix of unrealistic reactions, sloppy plot, and silly new characters. Join Jon and Kevin as they trudge through this Trek.

The Apple TOS S2E5

Kevin and Jon are back to discuss Star Trek’s “The Apple.” They compare the familiar story points to similar Star Trek episodes and how the episode could be improved.

Mirror, Mirror TOS S2E4

On the latest Trek Freaks, we are joined by the wonder Carol Pinchefsky! Join us as we chat about one of the most popular Star Trek episodes ever, “Mirror, Mirror.”

Who Mourns for Adonais?

Hey all! Jon and Kevin are covering “Who Mourns for Adonais?” on this week’s Trek Freaks. They question the difference between god and advanced alien species in the world of Star Trek. What do you think? Let us know on our socials!

Amok Time TOS S2E1

Season 2 is here! Join Jon and Kevin on this Vulcan expanding episode. Spock is desperate, but will he kill his best friend James Kirk?

The City on the Edge of Forever TOS S1E28

Jon and Kevin discuss the most iconic episode of ToS, “The City on the Edge of Forever.” Kirk and Spock follow Bones to the past where they must be resourceful to return home. The pair will face a nearly impossible decision and lay down the foundation of the needs of the many, outweighs the needs of the few.

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