Geek Freaks has a Newsletter!

We have launched a newsletter called the Geekdom Herald. It will keep you informed on the broad strokes of geek news, tell you what's happening in our network, and have some fun along the way. A new issue releases the last week of every month. Be sure to check it out and give us your... Continue Reading →

A Private Little War – Star Trek ToS S2E19

Kevin and Jon are discussing the controversial "A Private Little War." Captain Kirk makes the questionable choice to arm a group to even the balance of the war. This episode reflects the times and the Vietnam War.  Synopsis: Kirk's reunion with an old friend on the planet Neural is overshadowed by a threat from the... Continue Reading →

The Trouble with Tribbles ToS S2E15

*This episode was recorded prior to the passes on Nichelle Nichols. Our following episode will be dedicated to her legacy and impact on us. Hey all! Frank joins Jonathan to talk about one of the funniest episodes of Star Trek. Are tribbles expensive? Did Klingons fear their new fury league? Was the crew enjoying the... Continue Reading →

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