CollegeHumor coming to an end

The one time online comedy juggernaut is facing the end. After 21 years CH has been sold by their parent company, IAC/InterActive Corp., and layed-off over 100 employees in the process. CH's streaming service will still be live for another six months, and with this time Sam Reich (majority owner) will be trying to save the... Continue Reading →

This Month in Geekdom: October 2019

Hey all! This was a very busy month in Geekdom. Our Freebie games covered QUBE 2, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Surviving Mars, and Minit. Our Podcast was packed with an interview with Mindy Indy, Reviews for Joker and Breakpoint. We recapped all of the Arrowverse so you can go into the current season informed. It... Continue Reading →

Next Show: BlizzCon 2019 Predictions

Hey all! This is our Blizzcon Pregame show. We go over the Blizzcon titles and discuss what we expect to see and some of our long shots. Heroes of the Storm has a dormant eSports division and a skeleton crew keeping up maintenance. We want to see this game get some love. Bring back the... Continue Reading →

This Month in Geekdom

Hey all! We are going to try a new monthly post about everything we published over the month. We'll go over the podcast first than they YouTube channel. This month we released five episodes of the podcast. Starting off was our D23 episode that covered all the announcements including the Obi Wan series and Spider-Man... Continue Reading →

Next Show: WoW Classic!

Hey all! I'm going to try and contain myself here... It's WoW Classic time. WOOOOT! HYYYYYPE! HELL YEEEEESSS! Sorry about that *straighten tie*. In this episode we are going over our favorite moments in our favorite game. What you need to do in preparation. The release schedule for all the Classic "Phases". Some of the... Continue Reading →

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