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Geek Freaks Interviews, hosted by Frank Lourence, is a series of conversations with creators. Hear from comic book writers, artists, directors, game developers, and much more.

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aGameScout Interview

Hey all! Tyler sits down with Tetris expert aGameScout to discuss the competitive world of this emerging eSport. Get a peek inside Tetris strategy and some tips to improve your…

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Comic Artist Patrick Buermeyer Interview Geek Freaks Interviews

Hey all! We are talking with Patrick Buermeyer, artist of The Rotted Lyre. We discuss the horror-filled world of Discordia. Join us then follow The Rotted Lyre for more haunting tales! The Rotted Lyre Kickstarter: Patrick's Socials: ——————– *Check Out All Our Podcasts!* Geek Freaks Podcast: Pushing Buttons: TrekFreaks: Geek Freaks Interviews: Outlast Podcast: Round Three: Disney Moms Gone Wrong: Sloop: ——————– *Hang Out With Us!* Discord: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-mail: Twitch: Site: ——————— *Support Us!* Patreon: Store:
  1. Comic Artist Patrick Buermeyer Interview
  2. Writer Mel Cartagena Interview
  3. aGameScout Interview
  4. Comic Writer Laurie Calcaterra Interview
  5. Interview with Disney Moms Gone Wrong

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