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Trek Freaks covers every episode of Star Trek, starting with the original series. Hosts Kevin and Jon review the story then analyze the meaning behind each episode.

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The Immunity Syndrome – Star Trek The Original Series S2E18 Trek Freaks

* Be sure to give us a 5-star review on Apple Podcast. Thanks! Hey all! Kevin and Frank discuss Star Trek's "The Immunity Syndrom." This has some of Star Trek's most well-written dialogue between McCoy and Spock. What did you think of The Immunity Syndrome? ——————– *Check Out All Our Podcasts!* Geek Freaks Podcast: Pushing Buttons: TrekFreaks: Geek Freaks Interviews: Outlast Podcast: Round Three: Disney Moms Gone Wrong: Sloop: ——————– *Hang Out With Us!* Discord: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: E-mail: Twitch: Site: ——————— *Support Us!* Patreon: Store: Synopsis The crew of the USS Enterprise are forced to put well-earned holiday plans on hold. After a strenuous mission, Captain Kirk receives orders to investigate the disappearance of a Vulcan-manned spaceship in the solar system of Gamma VII A.
  1. The Immunity Syndrome – Star Trek The Original Series S2E18
  2. Star Trek Day 2022
  3. A Piece of Action ToS S2E17
  4. The Gamesters of Triskelion ToS S2E16 – Nichelle Nichols Discussion
  5. The Trouble with Tribbles ToS S2E15

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