The Moms are talking about Susan’s favorite movie, Pocahontas. This 90s classic is full of color, song, and a glimpse at a culture not seen in the mainstream often. The story had many problems historically, for many children, it gave them a princess they could identify with.

Interview with Bea and Ash of Collateral Cinema

This week I chat with Beau and Ash or Collateral Cinema! We discuss the podcasting business and then cover our top 5 superhero movies. Join us!

Collateral Cinema Podcast: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-tr8y3-128a5c1?utm_campaign=i_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=i_share

Collateral Gaming Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/collateral-gaming-video-game-podcast/id1446144562?i=1000569391096

Collateral on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CCinemaPodcast

DC: Chaos and Hope

Hey all! We are going over the recent chaos at DC and WB. We then look at the possibilities and our favorite DC stories. Lastly, we review Netflix’s Sandman. 

The Trouble with Tribbles ToS S2E15

*This episode was recorded prior to the passes on Nichelle Nichols. Our following episode will be dedicated to her legacy and impact on us.

Hey all! Frank joins Jonathan to talk about one of the funniest episodes of Star Trek. Are tribbles expensive? Did Klingons fear their new fury league? Was the crew enjoying the tribble dunks on Kirk? Trek Freaks has some real fun on this one!

New Avengers and Batfleck

Hey all! We are building our dream Avengers team out of the remaining MCU heroes. We also review the new Steam Deck, discuss Marvel and DC’s future plans, and Tomb Raider’s demise. 


Hey all! The Moms are headed to Radiator Springs and discussing the potholes in “Cars.”

SDCC Predictions and Zombies

We are predicting what will be revealed at SDCC 2022, from realistic to outlandish. We also talk about BMW’s new microtransaction cars and Resident Evil on Netflix. Come hang out!

Homelander and Vecna

Squeaks and Frank are talking about Stranger Things, The Boys, and Thor. We also discuss leaked Namor images, Duffer Brothers’ new studio, and E3’s return!

Obsession ToS S2E13

Hey all! Squeaks comes aboard for a new Trek Freaks! The loss of a couple of redshirts has Kirk’s judgment come into question. Is he seeking justice…or vengeance.


Hey all! Sarah, Susan, and Diana are joined by Geek Freak’s Squeaks to review Thor. This is the first Marvel movie for the Disney Moms Gone Wrong. Did they enjoy Earth 616 or are they sticking to the Magic Kingdom?

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