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Geek Freaks News goes over the big stories in comic books, video games, movies, and tv

Geek Freaks Interviews

Geek Freaks Interviews is an interview series with comic creators, game developers, and more.

Pushing Buttons

Pushing Buttons has two friends discussing in length a topic from the world of gaming.


Sloop is our Patreon exclusive series covering the latest films and hottest series.

Trek Freaks

Trek Freaks ventures through Star Trek, looking for creator Roddenberry’s message.

Coming Soon

We have multiple series in the development phase. More information coming soon!

“So stoked I found this podcast! I grew up reading comics and playing video games so naturally I’ve found a home with the Geek Freaks podcast! Great content, great quality, great production, and great hosts! 10/10⭐️”

– Sisterhood Friends

“Awesome Star Trek TOS episode reviews. Y’all make me think and laugh”

– Dr Peff

About Us

We are a group of podcasters sharing our passions. We started as friends discussing our top five lists, and now multiple podcasts with a far-reaching brand. Welcome to Geek Freaks!

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