Godzilla Anime in the Works

A new Godzilla anime is on it’s way to Netflix! Studio Bones and Orange are working together to set up a Godzilla Anime Universe. Godzilla Singular Point will be an all-new story made by well-established talent. Character design by Kazue Kato who did Blue Exorcist. The composer of many Doraemon films Kan Sawada is handling the audio. And writing is being done by Japanese novelist Toh Enjoe. The animation is coming out of Studio Ghibli who has worked on legendary films like Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke.

Netflix is stacking the deck with this team. They have had success with anime in the past but with the name recognition of Godzilla, they are likely trying to grab to the most casual of anime fans. This is a similar to how they approach Castlevania. For some, that is the only anime they watch. Every new season is a big fan fair for the platform. Godzilla is setting up to be a dominant force in the anime genre.

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