Hilarie Burton Joins Walking Dead as Negan’s Wife

Walking Dead’s most notable villain, Negan, will be joined by his wife. Hilarie Burton will be playing Lucille and is Negan actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real wife. The two have already begun filming in Georgia for the 6 new episodes coming in 2021.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan and wife Hilarie Burton at home in New York State April 2020 Courtesy The Morgans/AMC

Hilarie Burton has a long career in films and tv. She has been on countless successful Hallmark movies. She also worked on shows like One Tree Hill and White Collar. As Lucille, she will be a part of flashbacks revealing Negan’s origins.

Negan Lives #1

SPOILERS: Negan has been on a redemption ark since the “death” of Rick. In the latest season, he worked with Carol to take out Whisper’s leader, Alpha. Comic readers know that the loss of Lucille is a huge part of Negan’s motivation. She was the one thing that kept him grounded. He obviously named his signature bat after her. In his new standalone comic series, he’s searching for her body. The show may want to wrap up his story with a similar plot. Giving Negan a chance to receive some closure and ride off into the sunset.

AMC will air six bonus episodes in early 2021 then finish the series with a massive 24 episode season from 2021 to 2020.

Sources: CBR, USA Today

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