Ludwig’s Marathon Stream Concluded

The marathon stream (Subathon) by Ludwig Ahgren has come to an end this week after 31 days. Ludwig broke the subscriber record, previously held by Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Not only did Ludwig make a great deal of money for himself, but he also $350,000 for charities.

During the 31 day stream, Ludwig would play some Mario, Pokemon, and simply chat. You could see him at his computer as usual or throughout the house chatting with friends and family. The stream continued even when he slept. Moderators would keep people entertained in chat and Discord. This experience was akin to watching the “Truman Show,” with viewers always checking in on Ludwig’s day-to-day life.

Although very successful, Ludwig state he will not repeat the Subathon. He does not believe another event will capture the magic of the original. He compares it to the “Hangover” movies; the sequels only cheapen the original. Ludwig may have paved the way for a new trend. Others may attempt the stunt for the boost in subs and fame. Ludwig gained both. Even I have subbed to him and now actively watch him.

Source: Dexterto

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