Tye Abbott – Indie Spotlight

The next Indie Dev to spotlight is Tye Abbott! This one-man dev team does it all, from scriptwriting to programming. He is currently developing his third game and implementing what he’s learned along the way. Tye wants to use gaming to tell stories of identity and the human condition. Let’s look at a couple of games that come from this die-hard developer. 

The second and biggest game for Tye Abbott is Lucid: Parables of the Ubermensch. This 2D platformer takes the player through the abstract dreams of an unknown being. The visuals of each level are unique, bright, and symbolic of the game’s larger narrative. This pixel art side scroller is more than it seems and just an early step for Tye Abbott’s career. 

Next is RD Mars; still in development but available to try. You play as Mars, a spunky little robot meant to collect scrap metal. As you complete your simple task, you realize there is much more to your two-dimensional life. Mars is actually a piece of its creator’s mind. Felix has dedicated his life to creating Mars units, and your just the latest in a long line. Both Felix and Mars have a story to tell. One of reconciling with one’s past. The other of finding your identity. 

RD Mars is a top-down shooter that challenges players to react quickly. Shooting your opponent may not be the best option. Make your way through rooms of enemies, “dreams” of days lost, and encounter villains of failed science. RD Mars is an addictive game that leaves you wanting more. The full release is expected in late 2021. You can grab the demo here

We had the chance to chat with Tye about his games this week. Check out our conversation here:

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