Hey all! We got you a BONUS episode! This is a special call-in episode with Tabby from Washington and Derek from Kentucky. This is recorded using a new software so we can communicate that makes the audio sound a bit different. Also this topic is very specific with many acronyms that my not be familiar to you. We are discussing bosses from our favorite video game/community builder World of Warcraft! Most of us have been playing this game off and on for at least 10 years. In that time we have not only enjoyed the evolving game and story but most importantly have made many friends. I met Tabby in a raid called Ice Crown Citadel in 2009. We still share stories of those messy times when we were still learning that level of gameplay. Since then Tabby and I are still friends that share photos and text often. Derek and I met three years ago when he recruited me into his guild. We became fast friends and met up at Blizzcon in LA. We now work in tandem on many projects and is one of my best friends. Daniel is also on the show. You are all familiar with him. While we have always been friends through my brother, it was WoW that brought us together as real friends. Now we hangout all the time. This is why World of Warcraft has stayed so popular for over a decade. These bosses are not just video game characters we beat but are the reference points to the efforts and time we have put in together. The bosses are chosen based on lore, mechanics and community involvement.

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