Nintendo Direct Gives Animal Crossing Details

Today’s Nintendo Direct shared all the details of Animal Crossing: New Horizons from what we will be doing, to the new world we will be exploring, and all the new features to enjoy.

10The game will start with a small camp and as you play and complete tasks you will slowly grow into a lively community. Early on you will get Tom Nook’s store and an airport used for multiplayer features. Eventually you will unlock the museum, general store, and much more. For multiplayer, you can enjoy 8-player couch co-op where everyone shares the island and a 4-player party system for adventures. You can even play online with 4-player units in a shared zone.

Another new and fun feature is your smartphone. This looks to be a key tool for managing your Animal Crossing life with a plethora of apps. These apps will help with communicating, recipe books, maps, and much more. 7

Past Animal Crossings have been about gaining money to pay for upgrades. Money was your progression. In Animal Crossing: New Horizon you will be earning Nook Miles from completing quests that are used for traveling. They state that this system will feel more natural to the players’s progression.

Animal Crossing has focused on community and collecting, that’s still there. For an in depth look at Animal Crossing games of the past, I would suggest the Animal Crossing episode of our friends at Ronin Geek Official Podcast. A couple past players break down their favorite memories. Listen here.

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