New Star Trek Series in the Works

This is not official yet, but many outlets are reporting that a new Star Trek series based on Captain Pike is now in ‘Active Development’. What we will do is go over all the sources we’ve gathered and share what they are reporting.

This was first brought to my attention by the twitter account Star Trek Pike (@CaptainPikesEnt). This is a fun account that supports the creation of a Pike series. They are a must-follow for Trekkies on twitter. They explained that the new series has moved to “Active Development’ on Production Weekly. The listing shows the original name used in early rumors, Star Trek: Strange New World, and the new name of Star Trek: Enterprise. Some sources still use the Strange New World title.

Next we have a Screen Rant article about Jonathan Frakes returning for an unknown future Star Trek project. The very talented Frakes is known primarily as Commander Riker, but in recent years he has resurged as a guest director for Star Trek: Discovery and Picard. In the article they quote Frakes from a Galaxy Con interview.

It has been a blessing to have my career to be rekindled by the new Star Treks. It didn’t hurt that I learned how to do another craft. The directing has been fantastic for me. When Discovery worked out and then Picard worked out and now there will be a new one, and another one.

– Jonathan Frakes

This quote refers to two new projects. At the time of the interview, one of these projects was likely Section 31. This was a series that would follow Philippa Georgiou as a new member of the secretive Section 31 organization. Unfortunately, this series has since been canceled. That leaves the other series that is not accounted for; possibly Star Trek: Strange New World.

We then have reports of possible casting calls for both James T. Kirk and Uhura. Digital Fix and Cinema Spot both claim that The Mandalorian’s Jake Cannavale is the top contender for Kirk. In the original cannon, Kirk was not on the ship at this time. Anson Mount’s Pike could mentor a young Kirk as a series-long arc. We Got This Covered reports Uhura casting has begun, but no one mentioned in particular.

Jake Cannavale From The Madalorian

This is all exciting news for us Trekkies. CBS All Access has reignited the Star Trek franchise and opened up possibilities that were once thought to be impossible. We have many sources here, both small and big, but all have been proven correct in the past. The next step is for CBS to announce the series officially. They recently announced the redesign of CBS All Acess. They are adding the library obtained from the re-merger with Viacom, making them a top streaming service with Netflix and Hulu. This redesign will come with more shows, i.e., more Star Treks.

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