Fortnite’s 3rd Birthday Bash!

Fortnite turns 3! Starting September 26th you can celebrate with Fortnite’s Birthday Bash featuring new challenges, new rewards, and more.

Birthday Challenges will be available from Sept. 26 to Oct. 1st. Completing these challenges unlock a new Spray, Wrap, and Emoji. You even get a Cake Back Bling for finishing all the challenges.

You can unlock the Take the Cake emote just for joining the fun!

Creative mode is getting a big update with the new Princes Castle. You can send your creative Prices Castle creations by October 6th to win the first “official Box Fight tournament as part of an upcoming Wild Wednesday tournament.”

Need another reason to log into Fortnite? They’re still celebrating Llama-Rama with Rocket League. You can unlock all kinds of Rocket League themed items by completing a series of challenges across both games.

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